nne number of solutions of the equation 3p + 4q = 70, where p and qare positive integers and p > q, is. (A) 4. (C) 3 AIMCAT Question. Uploaded by. Hi, Slot booking for AIMCAT has will be conducted anyone has solution of aimcat do respond will provide email if u have. THANKS. estallar When will the results be out for AIMCAT ?? asim: they will be deepak: Hi ad, solutions will be out soon, it was indeed of the difficult mould.

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Where can one see T.I.M.E’s AIMCAT video solutions? – Quora

Should i try and complete the remaining topics by myself say by mid august? And what probably would be my CAT score based on this??

Still have a question? Practice is key to doing well in the entire second section of the paper. The remaining topics will be completed as per the course structure and you shold look at doing good on those in the AIMCATs coming after that. Do go through the same. Please suggest And also let me know will the work ex help in getting admission to B-Schools? Sir, I am a working professional. Hi,Im able to solve QA,DI questions during class but after some days i find it difficult to solve even similar type of questions.


Take Guardio for a ride. The difficulty level is top high. Best viewed on x resolution. Sirs, I am a little weak in “identify the correct sentence s ” type questions. What’s your take on this?

AIMCAT 1317:Discussion Thread

Continue practising and you will improve. It is taking longer to process information and apply logic. Also, send a copy of that to info time4education. Hopefully this was helpful. It will change the way you think and bring in new perspectives. Apart from that, sokutions with the online sectional tests,mock cats,crts and the AIMCAT questions will be of big help. Due to a technical error, the online students had a display issue. Shop Now at guard. Ensure that you spot and correct errors in solutiins component.

Yes, i could suggest you to try and be a bit more attentive and avoid silly mistakes, but nothing very significant is there other than practice! What was the difficulty level of compared to toughest and relatively easier? Can you please focus specifically on geomtery and give some tips to do well? Sir, wat abt results?? All my questions are from the time of last chat scheduled which were unanswered. Sir, pl advice me on how to improve my quant solving speed and accuracy.


Contact the nearest T. Then, make sure you stay in touch with the areas where you think you are weak. Could you please suggest in this regard? My question is have you prepared well to score enough? So what about this year for NMAT? Prep for Verbal has been discussed at various points in the Chat. All the irrelevant queries class X and XII marks are getting answered but mine which is a genuine query related to CAT has not been answered yet.

Dont know where you got that figure from, but it is exaggerated. It would have been great if this discussion would have taken aikcat after the reults srinivas: This tool looks for lower prices at other stores while you shop on Amazon and 137 you where to buy. Answered already, pls chk transcript. You dismissed this ad. See for yourself how vulnerable you are.

You will have to prepare for another section called Decision Making and Reasoning. I’m finding it really difficult to finish the bsm.