His short story “Aghwee the Sky Monster” (“Sora no kaibutsu Aguii”) combines both the central autobiographical motif of A Personal Matter with the surreal play . A college student takes a job as companion to a young composer who is considered crazy. The composer believes the ghost (Aghwee the Sky Monster) of his. Aghwee the Sky Monster is a ghost story that almost serves as a coda to William Blake’s more ethereal engravings. The narrator of the story.

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Aghwee the Sky Monster is one of those family orientated stories. Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, Encyclopedia. All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from March The wife accuses D of monstet reality. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

He sensed “a being I knew and missed” — Aghwee — leaving him and returning to the sky.

Aghwee the Sky Monster | Eastern Literature, Western Eye

Japanese short stories short stories Novels by Kenzaburo Oe. I had never heard of Kenzaburo Oe. However it is the narrator who panics until he feels a hand on his shoulder, “gentle as the essence of all gentleness” [3] which he says he knows to be the D’s but imagines to be Aghwee’s. The fantasy in “Aghwee” is more contained but no less effective. Ten years after his employment with D terminates something horrible happens to the narrator through no fault of his own.

Aghwee opens with the anonymous narrator, a year-old man, talking about the near-blindness in one of his eyes, the result of an attack by a group of children that year. At the same time the composer shows the student something as well, a fantasy world where “lost” things, people, animals, and experiences still exist unperceived in the sky. We learn something terrible about the composer.

D says that when he goes outside, he is visited by the spirit of his son, who swoops down out of the sky: However, Oe uses it to explore an alternative life, a life in which he let his son die instead of helping him live. Those who are slightly outside the real world—due to mental or physical abnormalities—often see another, richer, world around them.


As monstdr narrator’s last accusation suggests, “Aghwee” is a story revolving around problems of perception, belief, and guilt. How life is created by a story. I can either go on to tell more of the plot of this marvelous story and spoil the surprises there are some great ones for first time readers or I can just talk a bit about why I like this ghost story so much. The narrator, ten years later, recounts the composer’s story because he connects it in his mind with an important event in his own life.

Aghwee the Sky Monster – Kenzaburo Oe

More importantly, I hope you and your family are all right, and that the waters are receding He no longer hated the children, and skh to think of the figures who had filled his own sky over the intervening decade, associating the “gratuitous sacrifice” of his eye with perception of those figures.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The son is a fairly well known composer and is considered a rising star in the Japanese musical world. This is shown in the coda to “Aghwee,” sly the narrator loses his eye in an accident. The eye may look all right, but the truth is I have barely any sight in it The narrator had worked as a companion to a composerD, then aged 28, who had apparently gone mad after the death of his infant son.

At this point I have monsteer choice to make. Retrieved from ” https: If you happen to be around when the spook gets hold of him, you’d better just play dumb, you can’t afford to get involved. It is supposed to be afraid of dogs and policemen and it comes down out of the sky and its name is Aghwee.

The composer believes the ghost Aghwee the Sky Monster of his son visits him because his soul cannot rest; it cannot because the father allowed the child to die by agreeing to have it fed only sugar water. The son has a serious problem. D begins talking to Aghwee while he and the narrator are out in the city. It shows us how the dead intrude on the living. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Many may be intrigued by other things in the work.


Aghwee the Sky Monster

In a coda, the narrator returns to the recent incident when he was attacked by a group of children, who unaccountably became frightened and started to throw stones at him. Notify me of new posts via email. There maybe a way out of loneliness.

Aghwse the young student theorizes that the composer is trying to show his dead child the world he missed by bringing Aghwee on his explorations around Tokyo. It helped me understand why I sometimes see cats in the sky.

The student soon learns that the composer himself has just lost his child, a baby born with a brain tumor who was allowed to die in the hospital, and he deduces that guilt toward his lost child is causing D’s hallucinations.

Oe uses his characters not only to represent other family members, but also himself. His uncle introduces him to a wealthy businessman.

This is a collection of four short novels translated from the Japanese by John Nathan. Ten years after the father’s “death,” the narrator is blinded in one eye by a group of children who, for no reason, threw stones at him. It helped me to understand what ghosts maybe. Summary A college student takes a job as companion to a young composer who is considered crazy.

The dead baby, Aghwee, is a key character in the story. This aghweee between different modes of perception also contains an implicit social criticism. The story reaches an end with the death of D on Christmas Eve.

Ahhwee unnamed young student the narrator is hired to look after D, an eccentric composer who believes that he is being haunted by a huge phantom baby, whom he calls Aghwee.