‘n Ster-aanbieding van plus. Meer as ‘n halwe duisend. Afrikaanse idiome met hul verklarings. Klik op skakel vir die afdeling van jou. Jul 29, Explore Christa-ann de Clercq’s board “Afrikaans Idiome” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Afrikaans language, Idioms and Sayings. Get this from a library! Afrikaanse idiome, spreekwoorde en segswyse. [P I Hoogenhout; J J A Schoeman].

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Each of the 16 tasks that the participants had to do contained a scenario that described a real information need. The data in the Afrikaanse idiome-woordeboek are organised according to different functions see Figure 1. This article has shown that using a few users in usability tests as sug-gested by the discount usability approach is effective in finding usability issues in a design.

52 best Afrikaanse Idiome images on Pinterest | Poems, Poetry and Info graphics

Or would better visual cues improve their understanding of the information architecture? There are many exciting opportunities that technology brings to the field of lexicography. One participant even enlarged the image to see it more clearly. In other tasks specifically tasks 7 and 15 that were designed to test other issues, some participants found the functions confusing. Most participants changed from one function to another easily, but some participants went back to the homepage to redo the search to try to get to the relevant data if they were not successful at first.

For example, a person who is writing a text needs different information than a person who is reading or a person who needs detailed background information about an item.

Oor die hond se stert of rug wees — oor die ergste afriakanse die moeilikste wees. Jou op die haai vlakte bevind — jou op die kaal en verlate vlakte bevind waar daar geen skuiling is nie. Nielsen suggests that excellent results can be obtained if only a few participants are used in usability testing. Die hond in die pot kry — te laat wees vir ete. Services on Demand Article.


Elke hart het sy smart — elke mens het sy eie sorge en hartseer. In some systems it is possible to search in the results that have been retrieved or to manipulate the results to some extent to refine them further; one participant commented that s he would have liked to be able to search in the results.

Conclusion The Afrikaanse idiome-woordeboek incorporates various technologies to allow a user to get only relevant information for a specific situation. Verskeie aanbevelings is gemaak vir die ontwerpers van die Afrikaanse idiome-woordeboek, so wel as vir die ontwerp van e-woordeboeke in die algemeen.

This set of criteria takes into consideration standard usability issues, but incorporates aspects from lexicography and developments in information technology.

The display options were sometimes ignored, all fields were selected, inappropriate fields to the task at hand were idome or the same fields as the search fields were selected. Subjects Afrikaans language — Idioms. Good user skills are imperative to successful dictionary consultation Lew Although the data from the questionnaire made it clear that most participants think advanced search features can afrikaabse a person to find relevant data, they were not convinced that the advanced search features in the Afrikaanse idiome-woordeboek are easy to use or easy to understand.

Journal of the Canadian Health Libraries Association 32 2: Library HiTech 36 1.

Consequently, afrikxanse this study it was not sensible to look at the time it took to complete tasks, but rather to look at the steps that participants took to get to the relevant data. Goedkoop is duurkoop — goedkoop artikels se gehalte is gewoonlik so swak dat jy gou weer nuwes sal moet aanskaf en gevolglik meer sal moet betaal.


Afrikaanse idiome, spreekwoorde en segswyse

Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers. Journal of Usability Studies 6 1: Thinking Outside the Paper. Various recommendations are made to the designers of the Afrikaanse idiome-woordeboek, as well as for the design of e-dictionaries in general.

Although most participants struggled to find the help option an icon of a question markmost thought that the information provided sufficient help. About five participants are enough to point out the main usability problems Nielsen ; ; a. There are many sources available for lexicographers to include more data in e-dictionaries Bothma If prototypes are evaluated then changes can be made more easily. Task 12 tested whether participants could save a selection and task 13 tested whether the participants could retrieve that selection and use it in a search.

Kommandeer jou honde en blaf self — doen self wat jy voorstel en moenie van ander verwag om dit vir jou te doen nie. As a result it is suggested that more data should always be accompanied with the ability to filter out unwanted data to avoid overload. Lavie, Oron-Gilad and Meyer ; Roberts et al. Elke haan is koning op sy eie mishoop — elkeen is sterk op sy eie terrein.

Sy hart sak in sy skoene — sy moed begeef hom heeltemal. All participants expect one used function 5 to start the search. The E-mail message field is required.