Adventures on Tekumel: Gardasiyal (Deeds of Glory Vol. 1 – Player’s Guide) [ M.A.R. Barker, Neil R. Cauley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. Adventures on Tékumel. Part One: Growing Up In Tsolyánu. Character Generation for Tékumel by M.A.R. Barker. Illustrations by Kathy Marschall. With special. Adventures on Tekumel, Part Two / Volume 1: Coming of Age in Tekumel. Solitaire Adventures. M. A. R. Barker, illustrations by Kathy Marschall and James .

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Throughout, however, the goal of the writing remained unchanged.

Adventures on Tekumel Solo Adventures Review

asventures Errors The following errors occurred with your submission. A spot of soul-searching, as Patrick Brady discusses the subconscious and the unconscious.

Learn how to spin wool and weed gardens. What emerged from this Time of Darkness was adventufes world forged in disaster, but strong in custom, history, life The equipment needed for the game is not complex the rules are reasonably short and easily understood. Due to the nature of loose counters, if a game is unplayable it may be returned for a refund of the purchase price.

A progression — nay, a blizzard — of game companies have tried their hand at Tekumel. Without these materials it will be impossible to perceive the Tsolyani army as its members and its society see it.

This volume contains two adventures: Thus, the solo gamebooks were gateways to the role playing game; characters entered the game not only grounded in the cultural background thanks to the detailed character generation system but also having some adventuring experience, connections, and yes, sometimes treasure and magical items. Like new with only the slightest wear, many times indistinguishable from a Mint item.

Barker and Zane Healy A detailed exploration of the town of Setnakh, suitable for a campaign setting. The player’s character is developed as the player learns more about the setting.


Adventures on Tékumel | Series | RPGGeek

Let me know if you have any ideas. Very well used, but complete and useable. Please see the write-ups on the individual books for a more complete description of the contents of the game rules.

These solo books might even be useful for temumel role playing games set on Tekumel, with some warnings: Study history, theology and other fascinating subjects! More Information Edit History.

Adventures on Tekumel Vol. 1, Part #2 – Coming of Age in Tekumel

Players needed the Adventures on Tekumel, Part One book to advdntures a character to go on the adventures. We admire the idea of presenting Tekumel through solo adventures, and we’re sorry that it didn’t seem to work. Barker has created one of the most detailed and intricate worlds in fiction. Lightly used, but almost like new.

Adventures on Tékumel & Gardásiyal

Beyond the Borders of Tsolyanu “This volume contains four adventures: Tired of the material life? I’ll be running a campaign soon for Tekumel: Contains page rulebook; page Sorcery Summary; page Combat Summary; 8! I supported because… “I’m hoping to turn into a magical BruSteve chimera.

An equally small number of adventures in these books give the players powerful items, or important connections. More than you dreamed existed Second, the events in these books are a bit dated by current events in Tekumel: Some guidelines for the incorporation of military magic have already been summarised adventues section 2. Being of high clan meant being closer to the centers of political power. Book I, by M.

The system produces a young character aged 15 years or so who can enter the role-playing game as a fully fleshed-out person. The font is tiny, so there is a mountain of information etkumel in these pages. Barker, illustrations by Kathy Marschall and James Bailey. The entries in these books are a fair bit longer than the entries in a typical choose-your-own adventure. Two sections of that first set have survived virtually unchanged in the present work: They both deviate from generic fantasy DnD.


Livyanu and Tsolei I’m not terribly familiar with Talislanta, Wycen, but from the little I know, I think they wouldn’t be a bad match up.

See how experienced clerics deal with armed invasion, Get into more trouble teku,el you bargained for Simulation was emphasized over “game” elements, and, until the recent discovery of the Tane peoples and the Bazhaq, there was no aspect of organized warfare on Tekumle that was not factored into the rules.

A few adventures even allow for a Revivification spell that restores a dead character back to life: The rules in the solitaire adventures are very simple and not the same as those used for the full role playing game.

The solitaire books provide character generation combined with necessary information about the setting. The rules have been written on the assumption that a referee is not present.

Results 1 to 4 of 4. At any rate, this is one of the most complex worlds ever created, with the linguistics probably far more intricate than anything else. Introduction to Tekumel by Theron Goudeau The first in a series of essays intended to introduce newcomers to Tekumel. Just when you thought it was safe to back into the gaming room, an entire RPG on one page.

May show very small spine creases or slight corner wear. Particular thanks are due to Mr. You will be able to make new discoveries about this alien planet and create new adventures in authentic detail.