Established in as Acta Ornithologica Musei Zoologici Polonici, since continued under the present title. Published twice a year by the Natura Optima. Contents of Acta Ornithologica Vol. 40, No 2, Winter Campos F.1, Corchero -Gutiérrez F.2, Hernández M. A.3, Rivas J. M.4, López-Fidalgo J.5 Acta Ornithologica. Country, Poland – SIR icon SIR Ranking of Poland. H Index. Subject Area and Category, Agricultural and Biological Sciences.

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During winter months, most Buzzards It was established in as Acta Ornithologica Musei Zoologici Polonici and obtained its current name in Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page. In both species a peak in vocal output occurred shortly before sunrise and before sunset. Estimates of several species’ breeding populations in these cities were used to calculate their densities in the total area of breeding habitat in each city used by the species in question.

These data support the idea axta high importance of small landscape structures for the biodiversity protection in intensively used farmland. Journals and magazines relating to birding and ornithology Science and technology in Poland Publications established in English-language journals Polish Academy of Sciences academic journals Biannual journals Ornithology stubs Zoology journal stubs. Bearded Tit, Panurus biarmicusegg size, clutch size, repeatability of egg dimensions, biometry.

BoxValdivia, Chile.

The time spent on each type of aerial hunting behaviour depended on factors like breeding stage, time of day, wind speed, number of strikes, number of successful strikes, and the time spent hunting. Low incidence of polygyny revealed in a long-term study of the Sedge Warbler Acrocephalus schoenobaenus in the natural wetlands of S Poland.

The core of the limb bone cortex of mammals and birds is made of rapidly deposited, fibro-lamellar bone tissue also present in non-avian theropodswhich is usually surrounded by an avascular outer circumferential layer OCL of slowly deposited parallel-fibered bone. Nest size decreased significantly during the course of the breeding season and increased with nest height.


The biometrics of cinclus in the north and centre were similar but aquaticus was larger in the south than the north. Please use the journal homepage link to verify all information prior to submission. This could have led to an acha of new females into the study area, a change in the operational sex ratio, and new mating opportunities for males.

The data are discussed in the context ornihologica the biology of the White-faced Whistling Duck and significant intersexual differences in syringial and tracheal anatomy, which may be responsible for the sharp distinctions between the sexes in the calls of this species. Aggressive encounter rate was positively correlated with bird density and negatively with winter ornitnologica winter progression was correlated negatively with berry orniithologicabut surprisingly was not correlated with mistletoe clump density and temperature.

The average number of road-kills per 1 km of roads was over twenty times higher in built-up areas than in open agricultural landscape 6. In western Europe sparrows and blackbirds are the species that most frequently die on the roads, but in Central and Eastern Europe not only sparrows but also corvids and barn swallows make up a high proportion of the victims.

Muzeum i Instytut Zoologii Polskiej Akademii Nauk – Acta Ornithologica

The mean distance between the first and second territories was Honey Buzzard, Pernis apivorusmigration, water crossing, orientation, geography, wind, navigation. Avian Ecophysiology Unit, Dept. Birds defended mistletoe clumps against conspecifics and also other species Pyrrhula pyrrhulaTurdus merulaDendrocopos major.


The length of the tarsus and wing and the weight of the Dipper were measured in four mountainous ranges in Spain Cantabrian Mountains, western Pyrenees, the Central Mountains and Sierra Nevada.

The fragments included various habitat types that differed from the matrix. To our knowledge, this is the first evidence for polyteritoriality and polygyny in male Red-Breasted Flycatchers. Aerial hunting behaviour of the Lesser Kestrel Falco naumanni during the breeding season in Thessaly Greece.

Any increase in the heights of the nest sites in successive periods of the breeding season and any changes in the type of vegetation selected for nest construction were recorded. Interspecific competition did not appear to be important in the nest site use of hole-nesting birds in the study area. It is widely accepted that the first White Storks to arrive at a nest remain there to breed.

Acta Ornithologica

The vocalization period of the Little Crake is short but intensive, peaking before the start of incubation. Superb Lyrebird, Menura novaehollandiaepathogens, Escherichia colibacteria, Chlamydophila psittaciChlamydia.

To restore Three-toed Woodpecker habitats it is necessary to ban removal of dead spruces in the managed part of BNP. Wilcza 64, Warszawa.

However, the efficacy of electrified enclosures and nest-site enhancements, as currently undertaken, is questionable because of considerable ornithooogica variation in use by and protection of Least Terns. The smallest amount of individuals 5. June Learn how and when to remove this template message. Flock size decreased throughout winter, but, simultaneously, the number of territorial birds was stable.