I can’t say I’ve ever understood why before but with the Accuphase I think I Into specs, the E generates wpc into 8 and wpc into 4. Specifications. Power output: watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo). Frequency response: 3Hz to kHz. Total harmonic distortion: %. Damping factor: Find great deals for Accuphase E w/ch Integrated Stereo Amplifier Japan Audio. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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In the end I have bought the E because the dealer offered me a great price for ithowever, I could have bought either of them. All times are GMT The reason for selling: Did you see the pictures of the E on the Dutch distributor website?

Any owners of the class AB integrated amps from Accuphase?

Audio Pharaoh Audiophile Posts: Find all posts by Masterlu. Its a pretty detailed, unbiased review and has quotes form other FM’s who have heard the speakers and amp! I have changed the main fuse of the E with a HiFi tuning fuse e-406 it gave some improvement of the sound quality so upgrading of the main fuse is useful.

Heard its predecessor E and it’s a very good integrated amp. You must log in or axcuphase to reply here.


Amp/Preamp Asylum

Because the amplification accuphasee control tasks are integrated in a singleelectronic entity without any variable resistors,performance and sonic purity do not deteriorateover the years, providing excellent reliability.

Its robust transformer power supply drove the most power hungry loudspeakers that I had on hand, the 87 dB rated Hansen Prince V. The speakers are not seeing much use as I have a lack of space. This is flagship model in the Class AB range.

Accuphase E-460 Integrated Amplifiers

Comments from Accuphase on the main fuse: I have no interest in watt amplifiers that cost the price of a new car. Considering that the new MRP is Rs.

As with Ozawa Hall, the E revels in a natural aliveness, a brilliant clarity to textures and musical purpose that, if the recording allows, brings the listener closer to the inner world of the composer and the musicians at play. Ozawa Hall feels like a rustic summer camp dining hall, where musical treats are served up in an acoustic space that can only be described as astonishingly neutral and mercurial.

A surround sound system had been employed to accompany the solo clarinetist in a riotous dialogue, with each hit of recorded wood block, drum or triangle sounding crisp and vibrant.


I only suggested not confirmed the superiority of one over the other. The power amplifier section is built as anadvanced instrumentation amplifier, whichenables fully balanced signal transmissionthroughout. Hey guys, up for sale is my beloved gear: Beauty e-4660 with a full array of balanced and unbalanced inputs and outputs with connections for bi-amping and for driving two sets of loudspeakers. MOSFETshave excellent frequency response andhigh input impedance which reduces the loadon the preceding driver stage.

AAVA is a revolutionary principle that redefinesthe concept of volume control from the groundup. I found the volume control of the E engaged manually or via its remote control to be extremely quiet and precise.

Amp/Preamp Asylum

Hide full thread outline! If you’re after tubes, post over here. What’s new New product Topic Review. Details English Catalog Deutsch Catalog. Open to reasonable offers! Disbeliever How much is the E in the UK and where can it be auditioned? The E incorporates a plethora of proprietary technologies from the Accuphase design team. It doesn’t get better than this!!