The facts about the ABL FLEX. Color touch screen. • Intuitive user interface. • Adjustable screen. • Configurable interface for custom profiles. • Parameter bar. The instructions given in the Operator’s Manual for the ABL FLEX must be observed in order to ensure proper instrument performance, and to avoid electrical. Ideal for medium to high volume testing sites, the blood gas, electrolytes and metabolites analyzer ABL FLEX measures any combination of pH, blood gas, .

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The test result is matched to the correct patient without the risk of mixups. ABL9 analyzer Compact analyzer, specially designed for critical care environments running only a few tests per day. Fast and reliable results with analysis of up to three successive blood samples with the FLEXQ module. X Select your destination This is Radiometer Medical’s global website and may contain information on products not released in all markets. Product accesories Similar products. Slow freezing versus fast freezing The cryostation of sperm and embryos has become a routine procedure in assisted human r FLEXMODE ensuring high sample success rate of precious capillary samples by providing the highest number of parameters as reliably as possible.

Details about Blood gas, electrolytes and metabolites analyzer ABL FLEX The ABL FLEX b lood gas, electrolytes and metabolites analyzer sets the standard for accuracy, reliability and performance in blood gas testing, measuring any combination of pHblood gaselectrolyteoximetry and metabolite parameters.


Extensive protection against interfering substances Creatinine measurements protected from a total of 62 interfering substances. Log in to MyRadiometer.

Oocyte collection The oocytes are female gametes that have the potential to conceive of a human being whe You have added to cart: Enter network username to reset password. The unique FLEXQ module allows you to automatically analyze up to three blood gas al800 in succession. This supports fast diagnosis of critically ill patients and reduces the risks and patient discomfort associated with a need for collection of several blood samples.

Easy-to use blood gas analyzers measuring co-oximetry, blood gases, electrolytes and metabolites. The evaluation of D-dimers in venous thromboembolism VTE and pulmonary embolism PE D-dimer is a specific marker for identifying fibrin degradation. Automatic measurement and suppression of interferences from fetal hemoglobin, bilirubin, intralipids and sulfhemoglobin.

Data Privacy Notice Shown.

Correctly identified results are automatically ab,800 to wherever needed: Cookies are used on this website Use of cookies. User not found or wrong password. Prin continuarea sesiunii va exprimati acordul in vederea folosirii cookie-urilor. A parameter bar provides analyzer status at a glance, while multimedia tutorials and an onboard help system provide immediate assistance at the touch of the screen.

Blood gas, electrolytes and metabolites analyzer ABL FLEX

Sign up Forgot password. We have sent an e-mail to reset your password. Don’t show this message again. Compact analyzer, specially designed for critical care environments running only a few tests per tlex.


Capable of analyzing up to 18 STAT parameters on the same blood sample.

It is also an indirect Laborator clinic Point of care Camere curate. Accredited measurement of pH in pleural fluid and dedicated sample mode securing accurate information on pleural effusion.

Once the sample is placed on the analyzer, it is automatically recognized. This is Radiometer Medical’s global website and may contain information on products not released in all fkex. Subscribe to newsletter X-Lab Solutions to receive latest offers! Optimized for capillary tubes. Please change your password to continue using MyRadiometer.

ABL FLEX blood gas analyzer – Radiometer

Blood gas and electrolytes analyzer Want to know more? This highly accurate analyzer offers many automated features to help you streamline your work process and reduce errors. Choose the parameter panel which suits your needs. For information on products and services in your local market, please proceed to your local Radiometer website. Highly responsive tablet-like interaction, intuitive user interface, advanced help function.