For those who still have yet to venture out into the overclocking world, we suggest that you take a look at the ABIT AN7 and consider its rich. In our Athlon XP-M article, we achieved our greatest success using Abit’s AN7 board. During the course of that test, we decided that the AN7. Universal abit > Motherboard, Digital Speakers, iDome, AirPace, Multimedia. AN7 FSB, Dual DDR, SATA RAID, IEEE ABIT ╬╝Guru Technology.

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Note that the NorthBridge cooler is on a 3-pin connector now, which means it can be monitored and have its speed controlled by the BIOS or software. Longer cards such as the high-end GeForce FX cards may have this issue, though. You can see in the picture below that it seems to indicate the bottom ann7 two pins are for Power-On, when in fact it is the top-right two pins of the leftmost block, above the two marked RST, the same as on the NF7-S.

ABIT AN7, Socket A, AMD (AN7-GURU) Motherboard | eBay

During the course of that test, we decided that the AN7 was interesting enough to deserve a look of its own. The CMOS battery is mounted flat against the board to lessen the risk of shipping damage as we’ve seen previously. Other highlights include the huge selection of FSB: Sometimes, not often, but sometimes, you get a manual that reads strange or isn’t very clear.

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One of the complaints about the NF7-S v2. It’s no different really to the small peices of wire or other minor modifications we see on motherboards or video cards from time to time. Therefore, we picked out the ABIT AN7 and decided to have it featured in our reviews section today aren’t you tired of all the new things you read today that you can’t even buy?

The space for the 6th slot is empty making the fit of a Ultra 2 xn7 AGP card an easy fit. A few extra notables will make overclockers happy, such as aibt wide variety of bus dividers and the extremely large range in CPU voltage which tops out at 2. However, if we look at the two boards side by side, we can see quite a few differences which add up to the AN7 being more than just an NF7-S v3.

Motherboard: Abit AN7 uGuru Review :: The Features

Six-channel audio, USB 2. There are reports now that the more recent retail boards do not have this cut. Of course if you have a full-tower with your drives in the very top of the case like above the PSU in an AOpen HX then you will have some problems.

A single small nylon zip-tie can be used for this purpose and clears up that whole area. If you want to upgrade your motherboard, without changing the CPU, a nForce2 is just the ticket for most people. Of course, taking advantage of that potential requires the right equipment, and that starts with the motherboard.


ABIT AN7 (NVIDIA nForce2 Ultra ) (Page 1/9) :: Articles :: ®

Wondering what caught our eye? There is protective film covering the 2 sides of the CPU holder.

Make us your homepage. One thing I like is comprehensive, well-written manuals. The cut on AN7 has no effect to the board so won’t effect your review.

Arpanet Designer Larry Roberts Dies at The BIOS chip is socketed on both boards so it can be changed in case of disaster.

There’s been a lot of talk about a avit trace on the back of early AN7 samples. Steam names the best-selling games of Add us to your bookmarks. As there aren’t any video cards made with 2x in mind anymore, the 3.

It amazes me that many motherboards still lack this vital overclocking safety-net. I don’t recall seeing this feature on an ABIT motherboard before. This is a welcome change from the earlier motherboard.

No Interruptions Day Shortbread. This location unfortunately has not changed on the AN7.

This mislabelling could be disastrous. Customize The Tech Report The location of capacitors near the socket will also annoy people who ran into problems with the NF7-S, as we did in our WaterChill reviewas they have not been moved or replaced by shorter components. Be cautious when mounting 5. Thus the need for more than 6 PCI slots is alleviated, since most of the possibly needed accessories are included.