Korean J Lab Med. Jun;27(3) [Evaluation of the Abbott Cell-Dyn Sapphire hematology analyzer]. [Article in Korean]. Park Y(1), Song J, Song S. Name of instrument, CELL-DYN Sapphire*. First year installed in U.S./Outside U.S./No. of units sold in , //—. No. units installed in U.S./Outside. The CELL-DYN Sapphire hematology system is designed to address routine testing needs of high-volume hematology laboratories and difficult.

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CPolymorphonuclear cells with the cytocentrifuged preparation possibly including epithelial cells and macrophages. The positive and negative likelihood were respectively 3. Performance evaluation of the application of body fluids on the Sysmex XE series automated haematology analyzer.

November 23 rd0 Replies Post a Reply. My e-mail address is: Inquire Here Reagent Type: Please could you kindly explain in brief the differences between the two Machines For questions about using the LabWrench web site please call us.

We were also able to show that it suffices to run 1 blank sample after a normal blood sample to minimize carryover for the WBC and RBC counts. Reviewer Membership Status SelectScience Members can achieve membership status by writing product reviews.

Hence, the specificity Inquire Here Auto Sample Handling: The analyzer features patented MAPSS technology plus 3 color fluorescence to provide our most comprehensive testing capability. BMononuclear cells with the cytocentrifuged preparation possibly including epithelial cells and macrophages. Inquire Here Sample Input Type: Wilcoxon tests for paired samples were used because normal distribution could not be demonstrated.

[Evaluation of the Abbott Cell-Dyn Sapphire hematology analyzer].

DMononuclear cells. In the present article, we describe its applicability for the distinct body fluids, and we highlight limitations and caveats. For CSF specimens, many cases were falsely classified as abnormal, leading to a very poor specificity of The analyzer features MAPSS technology plus 3 sappjire fluorescence to provide our most comprehensive testing capability.


The enumeration and identification of blood cells in body fluids offers important information for the djn and treatment of various medical conditions.

The history of Abbott’s Diagnostics Division is an impressive record of innovation.

Expert Panel on Cytometry. Similarly, an excellent positive likelihood ratio We further showed that metastatic cells are not well flagged by the Cell-Dyn Sapphire so that microscopic evaluation abbltt a cytocentrifuged preparation remains necessary.

It is a multi-parameter automated hematology analyzer designed for in vitro diagnostic use in counting and characterizing blood cells. Evaluation of carryover from normal high cell count blood samples to low cell count body fluid samples indicated that after analysis of a blood sample, at least 1 blank sample should be run before the WBC count and the RIC and ROC drop to the background level data not shown. Inquire Here for a complete list! Comparative evaluation of the Iris iQ body fluid module with manual hemacytometer count.

Imprecision was further examined to determine functional sensitivity Figure 1. Abbott products have helped transform the practice of medical Within-run imprecision of the microscopic NC abbottt was also investigated at low cell counts. Apart from the organizational and inherent economic disadvantages, the manual method also has poor precision and large interobserver variability.

The within-run imprecision of the microscopic NC count at low cell counts was comparable to that of the automated method and ranged from In serous fluids, our results led to the impression that the Cell-Dyn Sapphire counts epithelial cells and macrophages, if present, within the PMNC count, resulting spphire a serious overestimation of the PMNC count.

Linearity of the automated method was assessed by using linear regression analysis. Diamond Diagnostics expressly disclaims any affiliation with products it does not manufacture, as well as sponsorship by other manufacturers.


[Evaluation of the Abbott Cell-Dyn Sapphire hematology analyzer].

They include programmable automated alarm systems for indicating results outside the reference range. Full data management with data storage for abbotg, cycles with graphics for easy review of patient results.

Citing articles via Web of Science Imprecision ranged from Moreover, the inability to detect malignant cells or other pathologic cell types eg, cell clusters and extracellular and intracellular bacteria strongly justifies the need for sustained visual morphologic examination of sapphife preparations.

Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic. We evaluated the out of bound greater than preset limit flagging efficiency for the presence of metastases.

Yet, several attempts to use automated hematology analyzers for this purpose have been described over the years. Use of the Advia hematology analyzer in differential cytologic analysis of biological fluids cerebrospinal, peritoneal, pericardial, synovial, and others. Home Products Analyzers Services Parts Resources About Us The names and salphire of manufacturers, their instruments, and their products referred to herein may be protected by trademark or other law, and are used herein solely for purpose of reference.

Two Extraordinary Sellar Neuronal Tumors: Inquire Here Sample Size Min: If you find a document or resource that does not belong please let us know abbott emailing info labwrench. Inquire Here Optical System: Experienced observers examined at least nucleated cells. The Cell-Dyn Sapphire flagged 7 samples, but in only 2 of those samples were metastatic cells present according to the differentiation of the cytocentrifuged preparation.

Sapphird NRBC and optical Platelet counts are provided first pass with no need to repeat the sample in Inquire Here Sample Cycle Time: