Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. The is described as being for use in cascode circuits and as a multivibrator and cathode follower in References: Datasheet & private correspondence. E88CC-TK TUBE DATA SHEET. Mechanical. Also known as the , the E88CC was originally targeted for test equipment and radar. The E88CC has.

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Again, just for a triode.

6922/ECC88/E88CC double triode

That’s why I asked is Ohms Law was at play. Not to mention the performance of the channel and sound of the channel.

RV1 trim pot is for the input tube and RV3 is for the driver tube. If however, we have a voltage across theand a current flowing through it, we are dissipating power within the tube. Steve Industry Participant Posts: I’ve gotten used to a very nice solid state pre, and then when that died, listened straight from the DAC to the amps, so maybe this is what it always sounded like, but it doesn’t seem right and I’m not that crazy about it. What do you or those costumers mean with tube life? The limit of power that the can dissipate is known as the maximum anode dissipation and it appears on the datasheet.

Section 1section 2 No way this tube could be biased in the VT50 as a driver tube let alone an input tube. I guess I just did a poor job of asking what I was trying to find out.

@ The Valve Museum

Please pardon me if I have crossed the line of civility. There is no problem supplying 6. This is indication of non-linearity. Dqtasheet numbers 4 and 5 for setting the input and driver tubes plate voltage on the PDF Link provided.


Jim, I don’t have any issue with you tagging onto this thread, but you might want to start another thread just so folks with a similar question in the future might be able to more easily find the information. I run my tubes in the 11A less than typical plate current. The maximum allowable cathode current for the tube is mA. Not knowing how it would turn out I tested several other used, that tested like near new, EH tubes in a Hickok a Mutual Conductance tube tester. For their ruggedness I use EH tubes for the input and driver tubes.

Cheers Steve Logged E55l2 Jr.

6922 Datasheet

Steve, You’re playing well within bounds as far as I’m concerned, and I’m learning a heck of a lot in the exchange, so thank you. So my question is–do s these are 7DJ8s need time to warm up, burn in, or otherwise sound right? By the way, Telefunken was known for gettinghours on their 12ax7 “family” under datasgeet conditions. Next, I am not going take sides, to explore operating a 7. For general public, consider evaporation of water cools the remaining container of water.

Jim Jim, Great info! The grid wire also may not be placed exactly the same in relation to the cathode and plate. RV3 raises them both up or both down. These tubes were also bought as closely matched low noise tubes from well respected tube vendors.

Quote For what it’s worth there is a tube life test that can be preformed on a datasheeh tube where the filament voltage is decreased in the same manner as I did in my test above. That depends on the circuit specially if it is dc coupled and the components also but it is possible that this can happen.

  E13007 2 PDF

At least people who care about good performance don’t like dztasheet. If we keep the plate to cathode voltage constant, and alter the grid to cathode voltage, the plate current will change. Not a lot better than before I replaced its 15 year old tubes.

I have bought from him before.

I think this equation will help. Let’s just consider the triode, and keep things simple for ease in understanding. If the filament or cathode is operated continuously with a higher voltage than that recommended, some of the coating material is evaporated and permanently lost, thus reducing the life of the valve. The Va b is the maximum voltage to which ‘s anode is allowed to swing under signal or cold conditions and is about VDC for the Rp is plate resistance of a tube section, triode, tetrode, pentode etc.

Logged Steve Industry Participant Posts: Steve on 28 Jan Non-linearity is particularly profound close to the Volt point.

Cookies help us provide you a better browsing experience. You can read some reviews of one of my poor designs here. One matched pair low datasheet per channel. E55l2 on 25 Jan Moving in the opposite direction along the load line, we use the harder and harder, until finally there is no voltage across it.