Bu blog yazısını adım adım takip ederek kanuna göre nasıl log Tagged with: , kanunu uygun log tutma, pfsense. pfSense Kanuna Uygun Log İmzalama Tagged with: , kanunu uygun log tutma, pfsense, openssl ile log imzalamak. Censorship in Turkey is regulated by domestic and international legislation, the latter (in theory) .. had also allowed TİB to block websites “for national security, the restoration of public order, and Jump up to: “OLAĞANÜSTÜ HAL KAPSAMINDA BAZI DÜZENLEMELER YAPILMASI HAKKINDA KANUN HÜKMÜNDE.

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It classified ISPs as either access providers, host providers, content providers or commercial usage providers; also, it listed their accountability and responsibilities. Censorship and self-censorship from the perspective of Turkish journalists. Retrieved 7 March Retrieved April 20, Later, the court suspended its decision, and as of Maythe case is still kanuh. An editorial criticizing press censorship published May 22, [47] and inclusion of Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdoganas one of a rising class of “soft” dictators in an op-ed published in May in The New York Times [48] resulted in a strong reaction by Erdogan.

Turkish police arrest 25 people for using social media to call for protest. Purge widens to education sector”. The amendment kanub passed as a package of laws and kanhn, and regular procedures of consulting with state actors and outside stakeholders have not been followed.

A different court in Denizli, far away from Ankara, banned oanun whole sites. Sinceit organizes biennial ” Gatherings for Freedom of Expression ” in Istanbul.


Although there is a time limit of four hours for implementing a blocking decision, there is none for uplifting it. Abstract Turkey passed an internet censorship law in with the declared objective of protecting families and minors Akdeniz, Twitter usage surged substantially during the Gezi protests.

This could be interpreted as Turkey’s attempt to comply with the Cybercrime Convention.

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Regional censorship predates the establishment of the Republic of Turkey. As to the Internet, the relevant Law is Law No. Retrieved 4 June In some cases, the court appoints an expert witness for this verification.

It implements the DPI technology which profiles internet users by assigning unique ID numbers to them. November 11, Published: Archived from the 561 on 29 November Retrieved 18 November Foreign media noted that, particularly in the szyl days 31 May — 2 June of the Gezi Park proteststhe events attracted relatively little mainstream media coverage in Turkey, due to either government pressure on media groups’ business interests or simply ideological sympathy by media outlets.

Child pornography cases created such an atmosphere that no politician could have adopted a position without the danger of being seen as promoting it. Yet, in their assessment of the situation, the Ministers of Interior and of Transportation differed on the magnitude of child pornography in Turkey Aydilek, There, an expert, Turan Dursun, was questioning the main concept of Islam. Of these, several concern Article 10 of the Convention, on freedom of expression. The second group contains the websites of dissident political groups and Kurdish insurgent movements.


The new amendments were adopted by the parliament on 19 March CPJ, a. There are monetary penalties and invalidation of license if these requirements are not fulfilled.

Retrieved 6 April Blocking decisions rendered by penal courts are enforced even when they are based on grounds other that the nine catalogue crimes – such as terrorism, organised crime and crime against the state. If the purpose is other, the company is treated as in-country. Following one of these decisions, the whole wordpress. The Wall Street Journal. This seems to contrast with the Turkish experience which relies on ISPs as intermediaries to perform eayl blocking.

The Budapest Convention on Cybercrime is the first international treaty dealing with internet and computer crime. The most important evidence in these trials were computer hard disks and DVDs that contained some files hinting towards preparations for a coup.

Internet censorship in Turkey

As a result, four cabinet ministers had to resign. Internet Policy Review,[online] 4 2. Such demands are usually declined. Hence, the perception of the increased importance of the internet became a leading factor in the acceleration of internet censorship in Turkey.

The New York Times.