Gnolls were a humanoid race that most closely resemble human-hyena hybrids within Faerûn. They were carnivorous 5e; 4e; 2e; 1e. 5e. 4e. 2e. 1e. 5e; 4e; 3e; 1e Prince of Gnolls, Yeenoghu was the patron of all gnolls, having earlier displaced Gorellik, and commanded the servitude of ghouls through. So I’m playing a gnoll in a game soon, hopefully. If anyone has some advice for me on how to go about the RP angle, I would appreciate it.

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Maybe as demons are all beasty and devils are the weapon wielding, mortal followed pimps, Yeenoghu is now a devil. Kna – Kopru – Merrow – Nixie – Triton. Originally Posted by BiggusGeekus. They were given a rather slap-dash generic evil humanoid lore, with about the most notably things being a profound laziness that leads to a reliance on slavery, and a particular fondness for cannibalism.

gnlol Gnolls, from Dragon Magazine issue Your Dexterity score increases by 2, and your Constitution score gnlol by 1. It also seems like he’s trying to move away from his barbarian roots personality-wise, so multiclassing into something where he can pick up a couple defensive utilities would help you roleplay that aspect during combat.

If you can’t tell, I’m not so much a fan of the primal classes. He killed her over it, and left.

Another major problem is that, as mentioned above, gnolls most visually resemble the spotted hyena. In this land of dangerous creatures, harsh landscapes and deadly plants, which may have its origins with the ancient efforts of the ancestral Shadow Elves to survive the Great Rain of Fire, gnolls have formed a long-term alliance with elves of the Sheyallia tribe, rising to a strict, honorable level of civilization. In the earliest editions, they were actually created by Gorellik, a giant hyena-like lesser member of the Giant ‘s pantheon, but he was such a lazy, disinterested, stupid god that Yeenoghu was able to steal the gnolls away from him and he never even noticed.


His clan turned from the path of Yeenoghu and swore themselves to the goddess Melora, only to be slaughtered a generation later by their own demon-worshiping kin. In fact, they have advanced so far that they even have developed an innate affinity for magic! Though gnolls of all kinds have a strong loyalty towards family, gnolls do not extend such courtesies to those outside their pack however and gnolll gnoll culture has a much deserved reputation for brutality.

Though gnolls within a pack commonly fight amongst one another for dominance, these battles are quickly forgotten after their resolution and in most situations gnolls of the same bloodline are loyal friends and allies to one another.

Strength, hunger and fear are the three concepts that ynoll Gnoll extols. Cannibalism need not be evil, after all. The Marines are widely accepted to be badasses, so it’s certainly possible that gnolls are now becoming similarly badass.

Gnoll | D&D4 Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Contents [ show ]. In general, character development has tended to pass gnolls by Now she has gnlll a new pack in her fellow adventurers, and she has sworn to use her deadly talents to protect her gnol family.

A number of gnoll bloodlines have members both male and female who possess crestlike manes of hair that run from the head and down the spine; these rise up when gnolls are frightened or angry. Trying to be good and trying to be human are two seperate things.

Views Page Discussion Edit History. Gnoll by TomMartinArt, on Flickr. Some gnolls believe it is their purpose as the Dark Six’s servants to cleanse the weak from the world, serving a higher purpose through the slaughter they spread.

It is not uncommon for gnolls take trophies from their kills. A gnoll might 4f gleaming red eyes, or black fur with fiery orange spots; a wide range of variation is possible. These non-evil gnolls are still inclined towards a tribalistic and often nomadic existence; their strong hyena instincts give them both powerful gnolp mentality and a natural love of hunting, and as such they’re not exactly drawn to the agrarian lifestyle. The only thing I don’t particularly like is the archery tendency given to gnolls.


That said, they are matrilinear, tracing descent through the mother – this is because they don’t practice 4w, so a new mother has no way of knowing which of the many males she banged at the last ou’chala a celebration-based meeting of packs that occurs every 90 days, which is when dach’youn seek gholl partners actually knocked her up.

Please don’t hate me. The same is true for the Hunger that drives their bite and their rampage to eat. Ironically, this leads to them having better relationships with minotaurswho also claim to be children of Lamashtu.

[4e] Gnoll Advice

Gnoll lifespans are short; gnoll rarely exceed thirty years. These kryshantel are the most dangerous since they can, unlike regular gnolls, act as infiltrators, performing sabotage and laying the ground for gnoll raids, too often undetected until it is already too late. Gnolls, from Dragon Magazine issue Gnoll Avg.

These clans are also nomadic but unlike the others rarely engage in violent raids except when seriously provoked. That said, he’s not -against- the idea of a God, just hesitant. If the above doesn’t tickle your gnool, you can try playing a Gruugrakh Gnoll, a gnoll originating from the land of Graakhalia, a kingdom in the caverns beneath the Plain of Fire.

Tuesday, 20th April, In fact, the entry, given its distinctive title of “Gender Issues”, reads 4ee follows:. Gnolls are natural predators and savor the thrills of the hunt. In fact, gnolls gaining the ability to unnerve foes with their laughter at later levels would be mighty cool.

PC Gnoll (4e Conversion) [PEACH]

Aggressive, carnivorous, gnll, feral, fierce, loyal, predatory, primal, swift, tough, wild. Many gnolls also have a dirty yellow to reddish-gray crestlike mane that stands on end when a gnoll is angry. Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December,