Sorry if you like artificers, but I just can’t seem to find any See Potent Potables, the most recent artificer handbook on the CharOp forums. Artificer is an arcane leader class in 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons.[EPG] Contents[show] Class traits Primary Role: Leader, Secondary Role: Controller. Classes. Ardent Ardent Admiration: An Ardent Handbook, Dedekine Artificer . 4e, Defenders and the MMO mentality, Unmaker * Defending.

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It artificee excite me to think Hsndbook have the “marvelous opportunity” to waste my actions to allow allies to share healing surges. Yes, a K item does take 7 months! If you find that you need something, then simply make it. As a normal Artificer, the Kalashtar rank with the elves and halflings in terms of usefulness.

These are your heavy hitters, one for direct dmg with no save and no SR, and the other for Mook clearage, saves and SR.

The Unofficial Artificer Handbook

For the traditional Artificer build, you could call Strength your dump stat. Another striker power, not as good as the ones you got at level 3, at that. One of your heals, “Resistive Formula” not only gives a nice chunk of tempHP so it effectively ‘stacks’ with normal healing but also gives out a defensive bonus until they need the tempHP. Generally not worth it unless there’s a specific enchant you want, or are Drow.

While its true that Artificers are not spellcasters, and that they do not have spell lists, they do have Infusions, and those infusions act very much like spells. An artificer begins each day with the ability to empower one magic item, and gains an additional empowerment at each milestone. If you know there will be airships involved in your game, or you want to eventually have your own airship, a half-elf is the way to go, and there are definite attractions for the Artificer in having and running his or her own airship.

The fluff is similar to what you have now with artificer so it’d be easy enough to make the conversion. Definitely worth taking as a golfbag weapon as a Hobgoblin. On top of this, it is also important to remember that infusions are not spells.


Weapliments also have the advantage of Dragonshards. There are, however, a number of strong damage-dealing builds, usually revolving around zones and forced movement, psychic artifider, or fire damage. I’m not joking one bit. All times are GMT These are the skills that allow you to repair a Warforged character. You have hadbook few powers that give the enemy penalties to attack rolls, slow, or daze artigicer. Its everything that Weapon Focus is, applies to any kind of weapon, and even throws in half of Weapon Specialization, for any weapon.

Means its harder for your opponent to make a save against them, and it means you get more damage out of each shot. The only reasons I’m mentioning it are that you can switch your familiar’s type to one other type as a minor action, allowing you to take advantage of for example both Chaos Shard and Artificrr Hammer, and the daily gives you a reliable Dominate. You trade the Gnome’s skill at Alchemy and potential ease of gaining Bind Elemental, and in return become better at hitting your targets and are less likely to spend precious Action Points on making a Save thanks to your racial bonuses.

Set one up in your portable hole, toss your Dedicated Wright in it, and then fold it up and stick it in your pocket. Obviously handgook should ignore this if you’re never going to provoke. Identify can be expensive, especially at low levels, however an Appraise check is free, and can at least help you narrow down the field of things that need checking.

Dislocating – Enemy repositioning, especially being able to drag an enemy Artillery or Controller out from behind the melee makes it a decent golfbag item. This feat removes that hinderance, and ensures that your crossbow remains a lethal weapon for all 20 levels.

Be tt er for Battle Engineers. I read somewhere those are overpowered in Fourth Edition – but the rules seem to indicate they do next to nothing? CA – Combat advantage.

Because that would be cool. If you can convince your DM to let you do something this cheesy, that is. Again, you lose the accuracy that Magic Weapon gives, but this removes the need to be anywhere near your allies and does stack with MW, but restricts the bonus to against one target which is fine, really.


Artificer Player’s Guide (3.5e Optimized Character Build)

More stacking damage is very nice, artifiecr it affects attacks that lack a damage roll. I think Wizard might make me feel less stupidly weak, and especially with Mark of Making, would let him be still themed as an inventor. ED – Epic destiny.

If you already have Mark of Warding, this is much better. Being able to Magic Weapon as a Minor is huge for your ability to buff allies.

You can use any wand in the game without a UMD check. To a human, everything must look like a girl. However, this is strictly better than just taking Crossbow Caster. If you come down to having to choose between having more Action Points, and having more powerful Action Points, the Artificer is better off having more AP.

The other is that, in Eberron, the Gnomes hold a near monopoly on the ability to bind elementals into weapons, armors, and vehicles. Second, they are Small size, which grants them bonuses to attacks, their AC, Hide checks, arrtificer actually makes them stronger in comparison. Despite being new on the scene, they’re certainly the equal of Genasi for Con builds thanks to fantastic racial features hanfbook a few feats that mesh well with the Artificer.

Thunder, Imp vs Will. The u2 might be worth taking at level 6. Your bonus Infusions per day are also tied to your Intelligence.

Yes, that k Item really does take xp to make! If someone else slows or immobilizes an enemy, you can knock hancbook prone which is as effective as Dazing or Stunning in some cases. If so, you can skip these completely, let the Rogue do it. It even works on powers that lack a damage roll or don’t deal damage at all killing minions just by putting them to sleep: Sets up, and stacks with Dissolving Breath in Epic.