Descriptor and Table of Contents (1 of 24) for 3GPP TS – Mobile radio interface Layer 3 specification – Core network protocols; Stage 3. 3GPP TS End to end quality of service concept and architecture. 3GPP TS Architecture Principles for Relase 3GPP TS Mobile radio . 3GPP TS specifies that a UE should delete its stored TMSI and LAI after a the RRC connection establishment cause is definedwithin 3GPP TS

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It can provide connection authentication, as well as offering transmission encryption and compression. A 1-bit sequence number, which is toggled to indicate when the first transmission of a new packet occurs.

3GPP TS (1 of 24) – Mobile radio interface layer 3: Core network protocols

An electronic device designed to generate a signal of a defined frequency locally within a receiver, as opposed to recovering the frequency from 3vpp received signal. A low-pass filter network designed to isolate equipment under test from an external power source.

Proxy Mobile Internet Protocol. The use of two or more physically separate antennas for transmission. A mobile data service extension to the GSM system. Visited Public Land Mobile Network.

For each mobile station, the SGSN stores subscription and location information, including the cell or the Routing Area RA where the mobile station is registered. Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement. A feature of LTE which is designed to support self-configuration for newly-added cells and self-optimization for existing ones with minimal human involvement.

Base station Colour Code. RSRQ therefore enables the combined effect of signal strength and interference to be reported in an efficient way. Examples are zero-forcing equalizers and zero-forcing transmit precoders, which can be applied in the receiver and transmitter respectively. Dynamic parts such as the timestamp in the RTP header are compressed by transmitting only the difference from a reference maintained in both the transmitter and the receiver.


An RV is a particular set of systematic and parity bits transmitted from a channel-coded data packet. It is defined as the ratio of the filtered mean power in a set bandwidth within the wanted channel to the filtered mean power in an adjacent channel. This is the identity used to identify tracking areas. A parameter of the RObust Header Compression ROHC protocol, representing the size of the largest reconstructed unit in octets that the decompressor is expected to reassemble from segments.

A duplex scheme whereby the uplink and downlink use different frequencies but not simultaneously, so as to avoid the need for a duplex filter in the receiver.

3GPP Message Analyser – 2G, GSM, 3G, UMTS, 4G, LTE message decoding and encoding

RoT is defined as the ratio between the total power received at a base station and the thermal noise at the base station. It allows connectivity between the UE and the core network. A Mobile Termination supports functions specific to the management of a Public Land Mobile Network PLMN interface, while a Terminal Equipment provides the functions necessary for the operation of the access protocols by the user.

A measure of the power which leaks into certain specific nearby Radio Frequency RF channels as a result of transmitting in a given channel. Universal Integrated Circuit Card. It is the ratio of the Root Raised Cosine RRC weighted gain per carrier of the repeater in the pass band to the RRC weighted gain of the repeater on an adjacent channel.

A property exhibited by certain sequences, such as Zadoff-Chu ZC sequences, whereby the sequences have constant amplitude and zero circular autocorrelation at all points except zero lag. A timer whose duration is configured by the eNodeB, which is restarted each time a timing advance command is 3gppp. RET allows network operators to respond to changing capacity requirements.

A formal description of a proposed or agreed change to a 3GPP specification. The difference between a reference frequency and the frequency of a received Radio Frequency RF carrier. Additive White Gaussian Noise. The USIM stores the security key identifying a mobile service subscriber, enabling the subscriber to access the service. ts24.0088


Online 2G/GSM, 3G/UMTS, 4G/LTE Message Analyser

The ratio of the average received modulated carrier power to the sum of the average co-channel interference power i. The leading United Nations agency for information and communication technology issues, and the 3ypp focal point for governments and the private sector in developing networks and services.

A 3G mobile telecommunications standard, based on the 1. The RM process adapts the code rate of the LTE data trans missions such that the number of information and parity bits to be transmitted matches the resource allocation. Common applications that use UDP include time-sensitive applications where loss of packets is preferable to delayed packets and broad- casting where feedback is not supported.

SMS is similar to paging, ts24.080 that it is a store-and-forward system and therefore does not require 3gp mobile phone to be active and within range. A logical communication link between a UE and an eNodeB, carrying one or several radio bearers. Received Signal Strength Indicator. PC refers to the process of setting the transmission power, by either open-loop or closed-loop means. Access Security Management Entity. It also indicates tx24.008 time-frequency slot of the preamble to which the RAR corresponds.

A number of TrCHs can be active at the same time and multiplexed at the physical layer. A scheme whereby the receiving terminal requests retransmission of packets which are detected to be erroneous. Internet Protocol Multimedia Subsystem. 3ggpp Mobile Subscriber Identity.

It is used for setting up, modifying, and terminating sessions with one or more participants consisting of one or several media streams.