FASHIONWARE. COSMETIC CYBERWARE. Biomonitor. N. +2 to Resist Torture & Drugs. 1. CP Skinwatch. N. Subdermal timepiece. 1. CP [ Return To CyberPunk Archive ] FashionWare, -, Appearance And Cosmetic Cyberware. Little hi-tech gadgets common to the CyberPunk future. New Cyberware for Cyberpunk [The following article contains 4 new pieces of cyberware.] Author: unknown.

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Not very easy, not very cheap, and sure as hell messy, but they can save you. Compressed hydrogen fuel cells used as energy source. The boxes are arranged in blocks of four, which correspond to different wound states: Again, not something other people take well.

The frame was state of the art then, IEC just needed a suitable test-subject to run it, and they got me. This is a step above Skinweavebut not as durable as an actual cyberlimb. As for the nutrient canisters, I’d think that one canister of nutrient sludge or “baby food” as they dubbed it in RoboCopwould be good for at least a month, I don’t see ending up without nutrients a problem. This allows the person to go without breathing for up to around a half hour, depending on the amount of activity.

This, cyberwars, requires about an hour for a limb of skilled technician’s work in a fully equipped workshop. This was meant as an emergency floatation device, that – when deployed – forms a collar around the borg’s neck, keeping its head above the surface for almost infinity.


Skill boosting drugs except for Endurance and Strength Feat boostershallucinogens, sedatives and so on work as normal. The filters are routinely replaced when visiting a cybertech, and they grumble about your filters much the way doc used to grumble about your lungs when you were still fleshy and smoking.

New Cyberware for Cyberpunk at cyberpunkde

The biopod is only what allows you to survive outside of your natural body. They become more like intellect with a set of quick-change identities.

But what happens if we drop a ‘borg into a lake? Borgs are perfectly comfortable in such conditions.


Arms, legs, cyborg torso, eyes, audio and vocobox yes, this is an addition to standard Chromebook 2 rules. Mall stores are considered middle of the road. Maybe some of you remember how it was with quartz wristwatches in the eighties?

How did I got both my arms broken?

Cybermodems are required if you want to cyberpink the “real” Net, in three dimensions. Yes, these are still a thing. The nanoids make the skin grow hair a default setting is all the hair growing in the places where a live human has them, but this is often tuned into custom settings if you don’t want to shave yourself every day for example.

Cyberpunk 2020

If confined in a room you tend to pace, drum with your fingers and similar things. However, the amounts of cyberwarr vapour from such small cells are negligible.


It’s used to either provide the borg with a neutral buoyancy or allow it to control diving and surfacing at will. Once the operation is completed, have the character make a Death Save. The more the bodies, the worse it gets.

Posted in cyberpunkcyberwareenglish postrpgTechnology. The thing is, the therapy cjberware to take place immediately after implantation, or, if that’s possible, begin even some time before it to counter the causes, not the effects.

In the books, most tech is being made in “standard technology”. Usable about three times a day it is not always on Apart from repair and replacement of broken parts, and occasional tune-up, your body requires regular maintenance. Cyberwate want me to risk my immortality just to prove this bastard I’m better? For some reason, the implant just refuses to take. Body plating offers better damage resistance than even Subdermal Armor, and can be enhanced even further than that if desired.

Movement Allowance is useful but can be increased to 12 by buying the Speeding Bullet or Corvette cyberlegs from one of the Chrome Books. The graffiti I made is perfect!