Find great deals on eBay for C5 Corvette Manual in Corvette. CORVETTE OWNERS MANUAL CHEVROLET BOOK HANDBOOK C5 Z06 GUIDE. Chevrolet Corvette. Owner’s Manual. Litho in U.S.A.. ECopyright General Motors Corporation 06/22/ Part Number A First Edition. All Rights. C5 General – Corvette owners’ manual in PDF – In searching for the PDF version of my owner’s manual, I came across this teardown.

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Description This is the C6 manual shifter kit including, complete shifter, knob and attaching knob screw, from the Chevrolet C6 Corvette.

Be ready to apply the regular brake at once should the vehicle begin to move. Keeping your foot on the regular brake, set the parking brake.

C5 Corvette Manuals

Have any torn or frayed safety belts replaced. On all vehicles, the key should come out only in OFF. This is not considered the fault of the car by Genera Motors, but the fault of the driver.

C5 Corvette 6 speed manual Transmission for sale. Remember to reset the Oil Life Monitor when the oil crvette filter have been changed.

All C5 Corvettes, especially those equipped with a manual transmission, are known to have as have an issue with the steering column locking after ignition is disengaged and remaining locked after vehicle operator starts the vehicle again. Tire and Wheel Inspection: To resolve this issue, General Motors released a new style plug that features owenrs twist-lock to prevent the plugs from falling out, but these plugs also require a new headlight bezel.


See Figure 5 above.

Corvette Owners Manual,

However, this is actually 15 hours less than the production of the C4 Corvette. Automatic Transmission Visual Inspection: No warranty on accessory gaskets, seals, or electronics. The front brakes of many C5 Corvettes have been known to pulsate during braking conditions.

Production of a single C5 Corvette takes 55 hours from start to finish. If it’s a dupe, my apologies. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon. Be prepared to apply the parking brake immediately if the vehicle begins to move.

Windshield Washer Fluid Level Check: Send a private message to ken y2k c5. The most common indicators that the engine is experiencing this type of a problem is increased valve train noise and the appearance of needle bearings on a magnetic oil pan drain plug. Never drive your vehicle more than 10, miles 16 km or 12 months whichever occurs first without an oil change. Inspect for damaged wheels. Magnante covers them all here, generation by generation.

Clutch Fluid Cap Cov The Automatic transmission ID Number contains the following nine positions:. Corvette began the new millennium with continued momentum at the racetrack. Despite the foreign nature of the sound, It is completely normal. Park on a fairly steep hill, with the vehicle facing downhill. Corvette Sticky Note Pad. Quote message in reply?


At present, this is the only known method to resolve this issue. Owners May Contact Sabersport At The outer casing is discolored with resid Inspect all pipes, fittings and clamps; replace as needed. Firmly apply the parking brake and the regular brake.

Inspect the body near the exhaust system. The service parts identification label is used to identify the original equipment options built into the specific vehicle being serviced.

You or others could be injured and property could be damaged. Engineering improvements were made to the Selective Real-Time Damping suspension. While some consumers claimed that the short-lived run of the FRC Corvette was the direct result of poor sales figures, the reality of the decision was somewhat more complex. Change automatic transmission fluid and filter if the vehicle is mainly driven under one or more of these conditions:. Power Steering Fluid Cap Cover.