VLZ4. Important Safety Instructions. 1. Read these instructions. 2. Keep these instructions. 3. Heed all warnings. 4. Follow all instructions. 5. Do not use this. In a crowded subset of the mixer market, Mackie offers proven design, build, and operational qualities via its VLZ3. As a continuation of the series, the VLZ is an extremely popular consumer-level mixer from Mackie. The original CR was a game-changing .

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In case you’re not an electronics engineer, that means they’re incredibly quiet! By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. With the Mackie Rotopod, you get to choose the patchbay position that best suits your needs. It has seen me through more gigs than I can count without a single failure.

It is very rugged and made for the road, it jackie take some drops with any worries because it seems be made of solid materials that will not break. From there, the channels manipulate the sound, but are not assigned to the output section. I have fine tweaking preamps and EQ, there is nothing to be done, the sound seems flat without any consistency No matter what you use with it, it gives us a great sound quality.

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Description Reviews How do you improve on perfection? Ideal for live use, and home and project studios seeking superior performance, the versatile VLZ3 Compact Mixer is equally at home on the stage or in the studio. You’ll think it’s perfect, too. And our ingenious Split-Monitoring function allows you to record and playback eight tracks without re-patching.

Here at Mackie, we take mackoe compact mixers very seriously and we are proud of the innovation we’ve brought to the market macckie. Tremendous resources went into optimizing the center points of the channel EQ.

It will be your work horse and handle all of your recordings. Let’s be honest, for the small group that wants to repeat or young artist who wants to try their hand, the VLZ3 is sufficient and very correct. There are 16 mic preamps on this mixer as well.


The VLZ Pro is the top mixer choice of audio professionals for any application where sound quality, ease of use, and durability are paramount. The design of the VLZ3 is nothing to really look at, it is big and bulky but has a clean design and easy lay out to work with. Our policies and services are designed to provide you with the ideal shopping experience.

And the new 3-band active EQ is better than ever—in fact the individual controls seem to be more focused, more independent of each other. The unique Rotopod option allows for two different desktop, and three different rackmount configurations. By mackei, our control knobs ride just above the surface of the chassis, so if something falls onto the mixer, the impact is transferred from the knobs to the chassis, not mcakie the potentiometers or circuit board.

Mackie VLZ3 Channel/4-Bus Mixer Review

They are clean and quiet, they generate little to no noise. I have used this blz3 off and on at the studio for about 3 years now. The Mackie VLZ3 mixer is packed with premium features on every channel: Product Experience I own it I’ve tried it I’ve heard about it.

Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. I have been very disappointed with the choice of this brand.

For the CR sounded good: The VLZ Pro has taken all this abuse, and more, without so much as a whimper. But our engineering team thrives on this kind of stuff so they tackled mac,ie one head on, creating one of the best compact mixers we’ve ever offered: The preamps that come on this mixer are by far its best feature. Request a new review.

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A new voltage-selectable power supply means you can use these mixers anywhere macmie the world without investing your life’s savings in bizarre voltage adapters. Voz3 Canadian since The VLZ3 is a great product on paper, but it served by its Chinese manufacturing buttons fragile In fact, the VLZ Pro quickly became the most successful, best-selling mixer of all time.

And with the exact same price as the VLZ Pro, it will please both dedicated Mackie users and newcomers alike.

I have used a few other mixers in the VLZ3 series and all of them are pretty good but for some reason I like the the best and plus the price of it is so affordable you can afford to have it at your home studio to record anything you want. Mackis keeping the features and functionality of its predecessor, the Mackie VLZ3 offers even greater headroom than the original.


Our legendary, solid-steel chassis can take the kind of abuse that would turn our competitors’ flimsy boxes into twisted chunks of debris.

Related Items Add To Cart. With the Rotopod kit you can configure your for desktop use with the jack field facing up or out standard, right out of the box.

Mackie 1604 Vlz3 16 Channel Mixing Console

Leave it to the innovative minds at Mackie to produce the VLZ Pro, the best-sounding mixer in its class for more than ten years running. The VLZ3 is a beautifully constructed 16 channel mixer that is fully analog. The signals will now be recorded or passed directly through the multitrack, depending on each track’s record-ready status. The old CR is well known in electronic music productionit was used to mix many songs, legend same as the first 2 albums were made daft punk on a CR or even little sister range.

The downside is that this mixer is pretty big and heavy for it to be just a 16 track mixer. The Mackie mixers you’ve come to know and love are now even more perfect than ever.

By sweeping the frequency down to somewhere between and Hz, I can give the kick drum and bass guitar real in-your-face punch, without the boominess that often occurs when the low EQ is cranked.

Advanced Print Search View Cart. As a result, we put the Lows at 80Hz and the Highs at 12kHz. Finally a console with a dynamic character a little “roots” which was pull out the electronic beats. The preamps are excellent and very quiet and the EQ on every channel was perfect for us. We could have stopped right then and there, but we’re obsessed with perfection.