financials, as fears of contagion began to resurface in a manner not seen since crisis trading. Yamada Says Gold Is Now Under Accumulation. By Louise Yamada, Founder of Louise Yamada Technical Research Advisors. Gold Prices Could Sink to $1,, Louise Yamada Says. Aug — Louise Yamada, managing director of Louise Yamada Technical Research. Louise Yamada of Yamada Technical Research says, “Gold is the fourth quarter, demand will resurface when the price stabilises: Full data.

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If there is one, don’t blame Goldman Sachs. The Fed did move by lowering the discount rate from 6.

Increasing the time of lending from a couple of days to 30 days. Mike Watts is a man of deep convictions.

Mortgage foreclosures and late payments are expected to worsen. Spreading this load over time has an advantage in that it can be monitored better and more credit by the Central can be released if needed.

For record, India is the largest consumer of gold in the world which imported an estimated tonnes of this yellow metal in How far it will go down, I don’t know but the SPP is flat out trying to control this fall somewhat and sofar this correction is not that onerous except that money has been lost.

Marta, fixed-income strategist at RBC Capital Markets, said resyrfaces institution expects the benchmark yield to end the year at 5.

Louise Yamada Technical Research Advisors

Russia, Switzerland, and several other countries have reduced the their dollar holdings. Not to toe resurvaces line means bonuses foregone or at least being chastized, perhaps.

A little Opec cheating and some warm weather and suddenly oil starts to slide. Earlier this month, Bush predicted that the ongoing decline in the housing market wouldn’t become precipitous, but would result in a “soft landing. The FED and Treasury could well have received their orders from higher up.


The recent push by Iran to demand payment for Iranian oil in currencies other than the dollar marks a move yamda from a previous announcement that Tehran planned to open an Iranian oil bourse in Marchdesigned to quote oil prices in the euro. We are at the downtrend and now the price of crude is pulling back a little bit.

Trouble at mill series: Forsyth discusses his interview with Louise about the history and current trend of interest rates. Meanwhile, some hedgefunds which made ample use of this Yen carry trade have been caught also and will suffer from capital losses on top of their investments of subprime and Alt mortgages CDOs.

Yamadx surveyed by Bloomberg News forecast a rise to However, in theory, the FED will buy mortgages from everywhere. Local transport is provided by camels pulling carts.

Markets may get a bounce now but the declining trend is not over: Louise Yamada

The industry’s average net profit margin is expected to rise from Nones 25 Jan at But many are likely to be sold to the booming domestic market, with demand for luxury vehicles soaring amongst the country’s wealthy elite.

The report caps a week of figures showing a rebound in housing, gains in industrial production and a drop in jobless claims to an month low. The Bank of Canada has also progressively cut the size of its liquidity injections and in Australia, the central bank’s money market operations were back to something like normal Tuesday. Zhuhai Zhenrong Trading, a Chinese state-run company that buysbarrels of oil per day from Iran, approximately 10 percent of Iran’s 2.

Phillips May 4, http: The price of commodities therefore also depends on monetary inflation of the in this case the USD world currency Commodities tend to be expressed in USD and other causes.


Louise Yamada: I’m negative on gold, but see some upside for oil – Video – BNN

Obviously, Europe which has a great shortage of energy, would prefer this not loiuse be so but can’t do much about it. New Century collapse sends shockwaves across the biggest lenders on Wall Street http: Iran plans to manage its foreign reserve currencies from oil sales in a basket of 20 different currencies.

However, the high increase in the US and world money supply will counteract this, also, because of high demand from some nations, eg. I do believe that the FED Funds rate will be cut shortly for 2 other reasons: Overnight money bid was 4.

These have as yet not managed to sell these investments. But only if China and other Asian nations allow it. About 60 percent of Iran’s oil income is currently in non-dollar currencies, according to Hojjatollah Ghanimifard, who is responsible for international affairs for National Iranian Oil.

To see your saved stories, click on link hightlighted in bold. Inflation in Japan is rising and so is the yen currency as confidence in the US dollar declines.

Bernanke cautioned that defaults in the subprime market are likely to intensify in coming months as borrowers with adjustable rate montages see their interest rates reset to higher levels, and find themselves unable to keep up with payments. Iran’s central bank governor Sheibany also confirmed Iran is cutting U. Read a summary of the interview here Yamada: This will increase liquidity and assist in the resetting of ARM mortgage terms.