Nov 14, Docente/i. INGEGNERIA DEI. MATERIALI. ING-IND/ LEZIONI. ANDREA LAZZERI Recommended reading includes the following works: C. Brisi. Chimica Applicata, – Levrotto e Bella – Torino. Bernardo Marchese. Nov 13, Teacher(s). INGEGNERIA DEI MATERIALI, ING-IND/22, LEZIONI, 60 . Recommended reading includes the following works: C. Brisi. Chimica Applicata Tecnologia dei Materiali e Chimica Applicata. Liguori Editore. Nov 14, CdSINGEGNERIA CHIMICA. CodiceII. CFU12 INGEGNERIA DEI MATERIALI, ING-IND/22, LEZIONI, 60 Recommended reading includes the following works: C. Brisi. Tecnologia dei Materiali e Chimica Applicata.

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Written test 3 hours with exercise and problems, oral on the topics addressed in the course. Pearson Education Altro materiale: Non sussitono variazioni di programmaper i non frequentanti.

Introduction to the science and technology of materials. Atomic and molecular bonds. Tecnologia dei Materiali e Chimica Applicata. Principi di diffrazione ottica, elettronica, raggi x.

During the course excercise, simlar to those propose in the fina writtn test, will be done and solved. Il mancato superamento della prova orale richiede applicwta dovere sostenere di nuovo la prova scritta.

Strengthening of metallic materials.

The teaching materials consist of the reference texts, the slides of the lessons available on e-learning. Determination of mechanical properties of materials. Rafforzamento dei materiali metallici. Jones, Engineering Materials 2, Pergamon Press further bibliography will be indicated. Ionic solids, covalent, metallic and molecular. During the lessons, the in itinere tests or the final written exam, and during the oral exam, the student’s ability to apply the theoretical concepts included in the course for the solution of practical problems and for the appropriate selection of materials for dates will be verified.


Diagrammi di fase a due componenti. Studiare sui testi consigliati, utilizzare le slides caricate su e learning, contattare il docente per chiarimenti.

Notes on the band structure of solids. Lo studente deve diostrare consapevolezza critica verso gli argomenti afforntati. Trasformazioni div fase non diffusive. Trasformazione eutettica e peritettica.

Through the attendance to lectures, the theoretical activities, if chosen the tests in itinere, the student will be able to acquire awareness on the importance of the chemical-physical nature of the materials, and on the correlation between their structure and their properties, also considering the effects of processing, modification of materials and performance in different environments.

L’interazione con lo studente avviene anche al di fuori della lezione mediante ricevimenti concordati con il docente per posta elettronica. Optical and electrical properties. Slides used in classe. Scienza e Tecnologia dei Materiali, Una Introduzione.

Materiali amorfi e cristallini. Assessment criteria of skills.

chimica applicata brisi pdf creator

Sustainability of production, use and end of life. Study on the suggested books, use the slides loaded on e learning, ask for explenation to the professor. The final mark will be evaluated: Recommended reading includes the following works: Principali strutture cristalline dei materiali.

Examine the main materials in terms of structure, properties, durability and protection methods. Failure to pass the oral exam requires that you have to take the written exam again. Comportamento meccancio dei materiali.


Lezioni di chimica applicata – Cesare Brisi – Google Books

Comportamento duttile e fragile. The oral exam is not passed if the candidate shows that he is not able to express himself clearly, with correct and appropriate terminology, and the candidate shows an inability to relate theoretical concepts with their practical application. Cinetica di nucleazione e crescita. Eutectic and peritectic transformation.

Atomic diffusion in solids. Unit cells and crystal lattices. Assessment criteria of behaviors. Principles of optical, electronic and X-ray diffraction Phase diagrams of two-component mutual solubility full, partial and no solid state. Introduzione alla scienza e tecnologia dei materiali.

The student will realize the importance of knowledge of the properties of materials for chemical engineering and for the study of the materials themselves, and their development and future lwzioni in industrial applications. Le lezioni sono di tipo frontale tradizionale, supportate da chimixa visite ai laboratori.

The course is entirely held in the second period, the slides of the course, examples of written tests with solutions from previous exams are available on the platform and learning of the course, accessible with chimiac credentials. Kinetics of nucleation and growth.