August , Decreto Legislativo que modifica artículos de la Ley , the Law on the Organization and Functions of the Military Police . %PDF 1 0 obj >> endobj 2 0 obj endobj 3 0 obj /ExtGState/ ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 ]. 1 Según la ley Nº , Ley que regula el procedimiento de ejecución de . en actos ilícitos (Decreto Legislativo que refuerza la ley N° , Ley de.

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Chapter 5 contains regulations concerning ships crew, and Chapter 6 provides for working environment, including safety activities. Las cargas consideradas son las cargas de viento para los principales sistemas de resistencia a la fuerza del viento y para componentes estructurales individuales y revestimientos de edificios y otras estructuras.

Mustering of Seafarers Act. Order to amend the Order No.


Special rules for certain vessels. It covers, inter alia, seaworthiness, loading, passenger ships, manning, working environment, responsibilities in relation to the working environment and protective measures and safety precautions on ships. Young workers hours of work, rest, etc. Introduces a new article 1a to chapter 9 concerning the responsibilities of the Swedish Transport Agency.

Suecia – Gente de mar – Ley. Chapter 2 deals with ely concerning seaworthiness of vessels, Chapter 3 with loading of vessels, and Chapter 4 with issuing of regulations respecting vessels transporting passengers.

Consolidated text in annex.

Esto conlleva a que se cancele el presente tema normativo y sea incluido como un tema nuevo a denominarse: Amends article chapter 2 7, chapter 5 and 6 article 8a, chapter 7 article 1 and 2, chapter 10 article 2 and 3, and the title preceding chapter 2 article 7 concerning various regulations in the Act. Suecia – Gente de mar – Ley Act respecting permit for employment on board ships. Se requiere modificar el documento a fin de disponer de una norma que sirva de referencia para comparar la calidad de los productos que se comercializan en territorio nacional.


Amends articles 3, 38, 39, 43, 44, 58 concerning definitions, costs related to illness and injury, funeral expenses, costs related to foreign seamen and the responsibility of the commander to inform the crew about other acts and regulations. Ordinance to amend Order This Order provides that the Board of Shipping may grant an exception under the Seafarers’ Hours of Work Act and that a decision by the Board shall be subject to appeal before the Government.

Amends and adds several sections, inter alia, ss. The consolidation of the Ordinance includes a total of 6 amending texts through September up to Ordinance Entry into force date to be determined by the Government.

Sets forth procedure for medical examinations carried out in order to issue medical certificates under the Act respecting seafarers’ articles of engagement and the Ordinance respecting safety on board vessels. Amends chapter 4, article 3 concerning requirements on completed training in fire safety and handling of cargo on liquified gas tankers.

About the parties in shipping company. Ordinance to amend Ordinance No. Temas nuevos a ser iniciados y desarrollados como normas.

Repeals the Ordinance No. Normas vigentes a ser canceladas. Ordinance to amend the Seafarers’ Hours of Work Order Suecia – Gente de mar – Otros textos circular, directiva, aviso gubernativo, etc.


Contains 9 chapters concerning, inter alia: Proyectos y temas inscritos a ser cancelados. Wage and health care due to illness or injury, etc. Registration of working hours and rest periods.

Results list of Browse by country – NATLEX

About damage from ship collision. The consolidation of the Act includes a total of 29 amending texts through Octotber up to Act About responsibility for radiological damage. About responsibility for radiological damage. Regulates the application of the Act respecting safety on board ship No. Act to amend the Seafarers’ Hours of Work Act The Ordinance repeals the Ordinance The consolidation of the Act includes a total of 45 amending texts through June up to Act Amends chapter 1 article 5 common rules and standards for ship inspection and survey of ships and chapter 7 article 11 mandate of the Government or an authority appointed by the Government to commission a recognized organization to issue and renew certificates.

Freezing devices; Chapter 6: General essential principles and additional specific essential principles for all non-IVD medical devices and guidance on the selection of standards.

Amends Ordinance respecting medical certificates for seafarers No. Suecia – Gente de mar – Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza Ordinance respecting the qualifications required of persons employed in seafaring.