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To the British ruling classcomments Morton, the Windsors’ “farrago was greeted with undisguised glee” [21] On the other side of the parliamentary divide, a labour party MPHerbert Morrison —at the time leader of the London County Council —said, “if the Duke wants to study social problems he had far better quietly read books and get advice in private, rather than put his foot in it in this way”.

If this was the case, says Vickers, Windsor “overestimated his own importance”. Michael Bloch has argued that the Windsors’ German tour had not, in fact, garnered a great lot of interest from English commentators; the main criticism, such as there was, he says, was that Windsor probably should have been far more self-effacing than he lley been during the first year of his brother’s reign.

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The moment passed, the statement left unchallenged” by the duke. George VI was said to have been horrified by his brother’s entry into ,ey political affairs at such a delicate time, [note 5] particularly because, in his eyes, it was in direct contravention of his abdication oath to take a low profile when he had sworn “to quit public affairs altogether”.

Continues Cadbury, “Goering’s face wrinkled with amusement, observed Wallis. He has no sense of his own and no friends with any sense to advise him. However, the Duke was keen that his wife—who had not been accepted by the Oey establishment —experience a state visit as his consort, and, although he promised the government to keep a low profile, the tour went ahead between the 12th and 23rd October.


The consensus among later 20th century historians is that the visit reflected poorly on Windsor’s judgment. Solbert had been with the duke 199979 his tour of the United States, and had been sufficiently impressed by Windsor’s gravitas and professional demeanour to suggest that Windsor was perfect to “head up and consolidate the many and varied peace movements throughout the world”, as he put it in his letter.

The Duke of Windsor’s Attempted Comeback, “. Lley had also been rumoured that she and the German Foreign MinisterJoachim von Ribbentrophad had a sexual relationship during his tenure as German ambassador in London in the mids. At the same time, the Duchess took high tea with Hitler’s deputy, Rudolf Hess.

We all know that as Prince of Wales and as King, he has always been keenly interested in the lot of the working man and he has not failed to show both his distress and his resolve to alter things whenever he has encountered injustice I hope this will give him a sharp and salutary lesson.

1958 Uruguayan general election

Not especially clever, but well-informed. Political crisis of The Duke of Windsor was already, by this time, well-known to be an admirer of all things German. The Duchess did not attend Windsor’s meeting with Hitler, 199979 was private; she was given tea with Rudolf Hess instead, [11] with Ernst Wilhelm Bohle [47] acting as interpreter.

Other events on their tour included a visit to a Fuhrer Academywhere they observed first-hand the training of Hitler Youth.

Duke and Duchess of Windsor’s tour of Germany, 1937

Their first formal event in Germany was a reception held by his Coburg cousin, which was attended by over guests including, the duke later recalled, many with whom he had ” hobnobbed ” with at both his father’s jubilee and then funeral.


The Uncommon Life of Wallis Simpson.

Archived from the original on 13 September The Duke of Windsor’s War. The Duchess Of Windsor: Apart from some appreciative words for the measures taken in Germany in the field of social welfare, the Duke did not discuss political questions.

The Windsors returned to Paris on 24 October, and had two weeks to prepare for the intended tour of the United States. Unofficially, many officials of the British government suspected that the Duchess could have been engaged in espionage activities for Hitler, [51] although the duchess later refuted such suggestions in her autobiography.

If he had stayed, everything would have been different. He believes his is the surest way to peace.

His interests, officially into researching the social and economic conditions of the working classeswere also entwined with the looming threat of war in Europe, and it may be that he saw himself as being something leh the role of peacemaker between Britain and Germany. He is determined to continue, with more time at his disposal, his systematic study of this subject and to devote his time to the betterment of the life of the masses 199979 is all tentative and may not come off This, he said, led him to support appeasement with Hitler.

The duke may have been approached to visit Nazi Ly even before his June wedding, by Charles Bedauxwhom Michael Bloch describes as an “enigmatic time and motion tycoon”.