Über 50 erprobte und praktische Experimente – so einfach geht’s! Datenaustausch zwischen PC und Roboter über USB – Sensortasten für den Roboter. “Lernpaket Elektronik & Elektrotechnik” “Lernpaket Experimente mit USB” The FTDI-USB module employed in this learner’s kit demonstrates how interesting. Course material Franzis Verlag Experimente mit USB 14 years and over – now buy online with ease from , your online shop for technology.

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If you have problem after log in with disappeared login data, please press F5 in your browser. She is able to adjust the simpler samples.

The last chapters describes other robot related statements and possibilities. Because subroutines are used, this is very simple. In chapter 25 an anti collision system is described.

This makes it ideal for beginners and young children to learn the basics of Robotics. Die Suche nach dem Licht! By copying combining and modifying the examples you can make your own robot code. The batteries 4 x AAA were not included. This looks like black magic. The product comes with all parts used for the projects. Lernpaket Roboter selbst bauen. Explore the world of robots alone or together with you kid for more fun.

Then RC5 is used to make the robot remote controlled. With the breadboard you could make many projects. In diesem Lehrgang werden die Befehle und die Hardware anhand kleiner Beispiele verdeutlicht. I only had to translate the German texts and gave little help.


Here we use the serial port and we test the movements of the robot. Das machen Sie selbst: I like the fact that the robot is ready to go pernpaket has excellent documentation. This means that you can simply upload your code via the USB interface. When you are finished, you have a good idea what is possible, and how a number of toys work.

This product is not intended to be a toy or for young children, but with your help, it can be used for that.

FRANZIS Study Kit Mikrocontroller

The limitation is your imagination. Book can be found at this link: Review will be added soon Review by Mark Alberts I was pleasant surprised by this product. It describes a number of self built robots but also a number of related projects. And i can already say, i was experimenhe disappointed. Aber auch der bereits erfahrene Roboter-Bastler wird durch die vielen beschriebenen Experimente an diesem Paket seine Freude haben.

Chapter 14 gives info about the IDE And in chapter 15 we are ready to go! The DEMO is suitable for the projects.

In chapter 21 the robot follows lernpajet light with 2 LDR’s. For chapter 27 you need black tape or a good black marker. While she does not understand the technical details, she does understand the possibilities and the modules. I call it product because it is not a KIT or a book, but a complete product.


Draw a circle and the robot will never leave the circle. Without prior programming knowledge, my daughter was able to do lernpakst experiments.

Lernpaket Mikrocontroller – Technik mit Bascom – MCS Electronics

Bewegungsablauf Anfahren und abbremsen Hindernissen ausweichen Linien folgen Sensorik: All documentation is in German. Chapter gives a good explanation about bascom related commands In chapter 18 we are ready for driving the robot.

Ulli is well known for his book ‘Roboter Selbst Bauen’. I know the author of the product so i had high hopes. And it can be used for most bascom samples since these use the M88 too. Navigation Tonausgabe Statemaschine Zeitgesteuerte Aktionen und exeprimente mehr Book can be found at this link: So it is easy to recommend this! A printed page book is included.

By plugging in a sensor like temperature, or humidity, or pressure, and by using I2C one could extend the project very simple. The first chapters are an overview, details about the product and describe various robots.