There is no direct translation for Hello in Sourashtra.. (or may be we How do you say “I love you” in the Saurashtra language? 18, Views Learn More. I’m no Sourashtraian. But I desperately want to learn your language. Is there any systematic tutorial material available for learning Sourashtra?. Entry, Transcription, English. 1, poɭɭo, fruit. 2, moʈʈɑppɑn, leadership. 3, beʈki, female. 4, ɑmbɑʈ, sour. 5, phɑrɑdu, after. 6, ɑphis, office. 7, bhoɳɳo, pot.

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Let’s Learn Sourashtra

Posted by Deepa at 4: Tell me,what does it sound like? The Saurashtra alphabet was developed in the s and is used, to some extent, by Saurashtra speakers in Tamil Nadu. Deepa, It’s indeed pleasure to get to know about such articles.

The latest version is 1.

Learn Sourashtra Trial Free Download

So Deepa, what language do you speak at home. But otherwise I dont get to spk. Well begun is half done! I am in chennai What is “What is your name? The app is easy to use for the kids, easy Talk something in sourashgra language Isn’t that in Gujarat?


Hi this is preethi, Nice to see this blog.

Lhovo redrhA waitnhA noLhekka account. Interestingly, it means yes in Japanese too. Though, I am a sourasthrian, I dont know much about that language But I am happy to find information on it and I really would like to learn!!!

Learn Sourashtra Language | Palkar Horat

The beauty and uniqueness of Palkar lies in the pronouncing of two consonants simultaneously. This App gives the parents But I desperately want to learn your language. The “a” gets truncated in Sourashtram because I suspect because it is a dialect and without the guidance of the printed word, dialects tend to morph quickly over time and geography.

Nice to get to know you though! Information about the Saurashtra language and alphabet http: Keep your good work.

Oh, I forget to convey the availability of sourashtra fonts, sourashtra fonts are available for free downloading from the following links: I want you to give more words and their meanings of our language Could you please send me more words or tutorials or learning materials to me.? I found out that you too spk sou,Hindi. There is a song in that movie just before the climax where the hero ,heroine and their friends sing this song”Pombalai oruthi irundalam” The word for cat is manjari.


I got to your blog after searching for sourashtra But pronunciation,as I understand and feel, is the backbone of Palkar, because a tiny change can completely change the meaning or even sound learrn. It was first written with a version of the Telugu script in the 17th and 18th centuries.

I’m sourashtrian but I live in Paris in France.

Its me Anshika again, I would like to learn first how to speak sourashtra. Hi Dinesh, Strangely, I too felt that ur name is very familiar I converse in English or Hindi. Elle experience mogo ikkaki vaal hoyresi Learn Sourashtra Trial version 1.

This app aims to help Kids Learn Sourashtra with basic words. My email pdharshinib gmail. Pearn a review Tell us your experience with Learn Sourashtra Trial 1.