Free Pascal / Lazarus: SQLite Database Tutorials: Reports with LazReport. Free Pascal Lazarus Project – Sync’ed with Lazarus SubVersion trunk every 15 minutes – alrieckert/lazarus. jesus LazReport, two additional export filters – TfrImageExportFilter, TfrH tutorials/stringgrid ยท LazReport, added stringgrid/variables tutorial from German.

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In the variable editor, let’s set a format. Write the contents according ot the following image. Developer’s manual and User Guides specific for LazReport are yet to be written. Let’s insert a master data band. Here is the highlighting for all hire dates later than An export filter is added to your application by simply lazrepot one of these icons to a form or data module where TfrReport component exists, this is automatically registered and remains ready to use.

The distinction between variables and variables categories by starting variables with a space is needed unique and exclusively in this dialog Variables List. Depending on the tutoriak of parameters, you have more or less edit areas. This export filter tries to make a text representation of a graphical report by fitting tutrial original graphical coordinates into a more coarse grid where each unit is of “UsedFont” pixels, depending on the value of UsedFont value, the exported output may more or less represent the layout of objects in graphical report.

Double-clicking ttuorial the frReport icon brings up the report designer. You can set these parameters to an area by clicking the Highlight button. The second lets you select a preset format It uses a visual designer to create banded reports and includes a report engine with previewer and an interpreter to run user scripts.


Do this for all variables; the screenshot shows the link for Hire date:. Return to Lazarus do not forget to save your report, if necessary and set up the OnGetValue event of the frReport1′ component by adding the following code:.

SQLite Database Tutorial: Report generator

Retrieved from ” http: In the Report title band, add a rectangle. As mentioned, see LazReport Documentation Documentation for an overview of existing functions.

Start Lazarus and open project SQLite Click below to open the editor:. By default, all bands are processed but TfrCSVExportFilter changes this property to process only master header, column header and master data bands.

The master band will be repeated for each record in the data source. Click on the button Variables in order to define some variables.

An export filter is a specially designed class which is registered in LazReport and allows you to save the report using one or more formats. This page started as a translation of the Portuguese language Tutorial de LazReport which itself appears to be a translation from a French document.

We added a second band of the type “Master data”.


For our report, the following components were added: Strings [ FNo ] ; end ; Val: Calc P2 ; Result: After closing the variables editor, we’re back in our report designer. Click OK to exit the editor, then adjust the title rectangle to the desired size. First it’s assumed that LazReport is already installed and the dataset component, called “Dbf1” here, is already configured and active.


When LazReport is installed, it includes some filters ready for use, these are: Lazrport you may guess, you can not tjtorial use the variables listed via the Variable button, but also database fields via DB Field. You need to define your functions following the following template in the file FR. You lszreport have noticed a small number of objects in the object bar to the left of the report surface.

In order to make changes in parameters, the developer can create an event handler for TfrReport. TObject ; begin frReport1. You can specify a condition that determines when highlighting is applied.

Lazarus: Reports with LazReport

LazReport lets you link variable names to database fields or system values, in order to spare your end users from having to decipher cryptic field names. A filters package is installed in the same way as any other Lazarus Package; after restarting Lazarus, the filters usually appear as icons in the LazReport tab on the Component Palette. Now let’s write the code required to load and view or edit our report.

To this add the following code to the project:. Are these names ok?

Alphanumeric type constants should be limited by a character.