3 days ago One phone call later and the gears were set in motion fast forward six months later and the Kroot Mercenaries are set to make their Kill Team. A subreddit dedicated to Warhammer specialist game, Kill Team. The Kroot are a fictional species in the Warhammer 40, game universe. Warhammer 40, Games Workshop UK – Kroot Mercenaries webpage.

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These guys will count as the shoulder-mounted weapons options on a Wraithknight. Oaka Inquisitor Krooteaz is finished!

They retain vestigial beaks and have a light, almost hollow bone structure, with four digits on each hand and foot. The next couple of weeks should see some new models finished. Views Read Edit View history. I wouldn’t have necessarily put Kroot and the DE Codex together but they seem to work surprisingly well.

Oaka lunarman, the crossbows are bits from the Lizardmen range.

Their own verbal communication is a mixture of clicks and whistles, possibly reinforced by these pheromone exudations. This process also allow them to absorb information by consuming an intelligent creature’s flesh in a manner similar to a Space Marine with a functioning omophagea.

Since I can no longer assault out of reserve, it’s become a bit tricky to repurpose the core strategy behind this army list, but I’m working on it! What would be the best way to start this army? However, the first appearance of a Kroot was in the 3rd Edition Warhammer 40, rulebook Priestley,in a sketch entitled “Other Dangerous Aliens” [2].

Oh, mercenariez only the Feral Orks still existed ironically, they were in the same chapter approved as the Mercenary list. TheChronoTrigger I really love the webway portal. I’ve gone ahead and magnetized the model, both so that I can work on the individual pieces without difficulty and to reduce eventual transportation mmercenaries.

Ynneadwraith Yeah these guys are really cool very nice work. The Kroot hand, fortunately, is very easy to sculpt as it is symmetrical and consists of four fingers, two long ones and two ‘thumbs’. SelvaggioSaky – click to view full reply. Kepora Shame they’re a limited run; I’d love to have some of those to work on.


Kroot – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

The Good Green The army’s looking really good man. JustALittleOrkish – click to view full mercnaries. But I didn’t have any kroot painted or assembled so wanted to go with a less Hordeish army than GSbut they could work well, not as well as Ynnari I’m betting, and less opportunity for using the models you already have, but well enough. Boss Salvage – click to view full reply. Welcome to Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum! Close-up of the work, I tried to get the lines from the original sculpt to run right into the added putty: At first I tried an Ork Kan Wall.

Using a putty tool, I pushed inward the edges of all the straps so that they would be linear and belt-like. Well, I finally got around to painting him.

Now without transports, foot Wyches do not last long, so the lists I’ve had some success with include a small unit of 2 Khymerae to go with each Wych unit Khymerae represented by Kroot Hounds and by using Ynnari rules. Community Forum Discord Server.

I began re-writing the Dark Eldar codex to fit in with the Kroot fiction, and dropped every vehicle choice except the Venom. It came out better than I had expected, and is nearly indistinguishable from the actual Forgeworld model. Taping up the quills kroot key as if they get hit by any flame heat they will lose their detail by melting into the plastic.

Of course, now we have a new edition to play, but I like these models and will certainly find a way to squeeze them into my army lists. Alternatively, the rules could be used to create a force solely of Kroot and their associated forms, although it was noted that the army would perform poorly against several of the Codex armies in a standard battle. It is likely that they are able to see further into the infrared end of the spectrum and can sense the body heat generated by their prey.


The kroot box has few leg positions and the hands are always holding a gun or a knife. I thought it would be neat to provide army lists to my opponent with a faux wax merccenaries. You’ve inspired me to begin working on getting enough Kroot to do this!

This article needs work mercenadies its citations. The Aegis Defense Line is made from these excellent stockade resin pieces by Acheson: So, I volunteered to make up some new ones for my army: Just some extra accessories to help provide proper scale and this guy is finally finished. Popsicle – click to view full reply. This model is going to be my project for the rest of the Summer, so I want to take my time and listen to all criticisms at every stage.

I began to work on the riders next.

Warhammer 40,000/Chapter Approved/Kroot Mercenaries

These were released as sets of three and limited to sets, and I was lucky enough to snag several sets but I’m sure after painting a few of them I’ll move onto a different idea.

Curious how you’re doing it so beautifully. Augustus What a neat concept! Aetare Loving these conversions! Very creative and detailed. Oaka Not really an update to the Dark Eldar counts-as list, but thought I would post a pic of a model I thought was lost and buried until it finally reemerged during some basement cleaning.