WHEN TRUTH AND JUSTICE ARE NO LONGER BLACK AND WHITE ISSUES.. ., Sephy is a Cross, one of the privileged in a society where the ruling Crosses. Persephone Hadley is six months pregnant with a mixed-race baby. In their society this fact alone will threaten the child’s life every day. To make matters worse. Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Grade 9 Up—In this sequel to Naughts and Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Kindle App Ad. Look inside this book. Knife Edge: Book 2 (Noughts And Crosses) by [Blackman, Malorie].

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No trivia or quizzes edfe. When her brother-in-law’s violent behavior leads to murder, Sephy provides a false alibi to save Jude, but doing so irreparably damages other lives. And his first step is to get rid of Sephy.

Noughts & Crosses (novel series) – Wikipedia

Callie Rose then leaves but promises to meet Tobey again. Having not seen Callum running behind, Sephy concludes that their friendship is no longer as important to him as she had thought. Lists with This Book. Sephy or her full name Persephone Hadley is a Cross, with dark skin, and the daughter of a wealthy senior politician, Kamal Hadley – who later takes office as president.

Two thumbs waaaay up: She explains that Noughts and Crosses is her book about love whereas Knife Edge is her book about hate and I think that really just about sums it up. And yet, it’s cruel, almost unbearable at times, and it’s free of romance, Checkmate will hopefully be less sinister, although I’m aware the setting isn’t meant to be pleasant. Open Preview See a Problem?

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Knife Edge

However, he decides to end their relationship and maoorie merely ‘friends’. Jude, even though Sephy saved his miserable life, still holds his grudge against her and still plots a terrible revenge. This was the only thing that stopped me from giving this book a full 5 stars.


He talks her into spending the night with her in an abandoned shack for her to recover. Cannot wait to finish the trilogy.

She enjoyed it so much, that she read it in lbackman hours. I was therefore looking forward to the second in the series. He is virtually certain to get the death sentence since his fingerprints are all over her apartment and had been seen with her by several witnesses.

Minerva, in an attempt to save Sephy and herself, runs towards the front door and screams to attract attention. Et j’ai tellement souffert avec elle. Mar 11, 15DawsonM rated it really liked it. An attempt to provoke thought and to revisit the absurdities of a society ies run along lines on racial disadvantagement and the domination of one ethnic group or groups in society by another controlling ethnic almost always white group.

Do you feel sympahy for Sephy? Minerva offers to patch up things with Jasmine, but Sephy tries to get Minerva to leave. Book 3 Noughts and Crosses Paperback. It doesn’t have the sweet love story behind it and as the characters have grown so has their cynicism and it leaves you with the feeling that there is no hope and this sometimes makes for bleak reading. Her sister, Minerva, asks if she is pregnant, which Sephy denies. I loved every narrative as you really do get a glimpse into the characters,like Jude who I even began to like for a short while.

Everyone else thinks that it was a tragic accident, despite all of her previous suicide attempts.


Sephy threatens to kill him if he hurts her child, but she later pleads with Jude to leave both of them alone. I know that the ending of book 1 hit her hard Me too Sephy, me too but that is no excuse to lose whatever it was that made her stand up against the world and scream eff you all.


Customers who bought this item also bought. I was so excited, and eager to begin reading this book when my mum brought it home from the library. Oct 29, 15HillG rated it really liked it.

Two thumbs waaaay up: But also along the way, both of their lives become even more complex, and even more damaged. I hope it finishes on a high note. As in the previous book, the writing is keenly incisive, though more so, in this case, when looking at interpersonal rather than race relations. This book was amazing.

And she’s not alone. But for now this one has to stand as a weak link. Callum’s guard, Jack, delivers a letter, written by Callum before he died, saying that he never loved her and could not believe that she was stupid enough to fall for him.

The crosses hate her because she helped Jude escape the noose, the noughts because she did not come to his aid sooner.

Izzy What is the question? Would definitely use this seller again! Callum’s letter, I’m certain was dictated by Kamal Hadley.

He was hanged for terrorism months ago, but his presence still torments Sephy. So again Malorie Blackman shows her genius. Jude and Callum point their guns at each other. This book was b,ackman moving getting to know Callie Rose more. Moreover — to consider the possibility of a third way — a society run entirely along non-racially defined power structures. Books by Malorie Blackman.