Welcome to the ** Kline-Fogleman (KFm) Airfoils – Advanced Theory/Science ** discussion thread. The purpose of this thread is to try and. The simplicity and performance of the KF airfoil have made it popular in the Maker Trainer 2 and uses the KFm-2 (Kline-Fogelman model 2) airfoil design (a. The idea works but only with active automated re-configuration of the shape of the step(s) during flight. Further testing has shown that this airfoil.

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I was happy to meet my goals of bettering a already wonderful plane. It can also be used with two steps on the top KFm3or two steps on the top and one on the bottom KFm7.

KFm wings a basic explanation

Made from roughly 5. Archived from the original PDF on 17 May It was originally devised around 50 years ago for paper airplanes. And that point would be at the first step. The thread is not meant airfoio for engineers and scientists.

They are very responsive with excellent control authority. The twitchy feeling around center in pitch I think is due to the symmetrical KFm-6 airfoil.

I am guessing this puts the lift of the vortex talking top step here in better proximity to the CG. Info will be added as it is airffoil. Tony Images View all Images in thread Views: A few more mods would also be required in order to video air flows at some point.

I also discovered the greatest group of people in the world, who are from all over the world.


KFm-4 airfoil for speed and stability

Without enough thrust the seaplane would not be able to lift off. Unfortunately, the by-product of the step required to create the angle aiefoil the underside of the wing is drag.

I think I might fit some nice Coroplast fences to the center section to act as skids for future flights. The top center plate was hinged at the nose with some old pin hinges and strong magnets at the back produced a nice full-length hatch, making access a aairfoil. Also, I did not want to have to compensate with down elevator airvoil doing a highspeed pass. Depending on the version you choose the step may be on the top, bottom, both, or even multiple steps on either of the surfaces.

More likely, new questions. I’m always interested in a little science, math, data, test results to cure my interest in learning. As such, I am always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to build models that are both durable and perform well…. Interesting and quit easy verify.

The KF airfoil flies in that direction. Spar reinforcementI use either a CF rod or pallet strapping. Again made aiefoil roughly 5.

That’s it, I finished my silly theory. I decided on the KFm-4 air foil, or as some choose to call it “the speed wing” This wing has a symmetrical airfoil, found in may acrobatic and sport planes.

New Technology: Kline-Fogleman Airfoil Design |

And trying to follow the details of any one comparison? Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. This means you lucky readers get a maiden video with both head-mount and onboard footage! It reminded me of Burnelli lifting body story and ktm resistance of the industry to consider anything different. They concluded iarfoil the trapped vortex formed by a cavity or step could not be held in place without such active control.

  AAMA 511 08 PDF

He presented the paper airplane to Floyd Fogleman who saw it fly and resist stalling. Unfortunately, there were some complications when filing and writing the patent. Apr 13, This airfoil does not look scale!.

KFm wings a basic explanation | Flite Test

Existing designs that can be bent to our purpose are easier than designing from scratch. If the KF airfoil is new to you and you’re interested in a little of the history of it, this wiki page has a good summary of all the details: Or alternatively I go thinner. Fortunately airfkil recent rummage in the old camping gear had rewarded me with a collection of fibreglass tent poles so I pressed one into service as a wing spar.

Or you could make a separate KFM5 wing and swap them out. A new wing is born… It took very little time at all to draw up a km model in Sketchup and then convert this into some 2D plans. Designers and pilots such as RCPowers, FPVTrond, RCTestFlight, myself, and many others share our creations online today and swear by the KF airfoil in providing superior performance and flight characteristics over any other wing profile.

After they had their first flight they had the practical proof. Any surface will lift but not with the same efficiency.