Mind Control, occult scenarios, conspiracy and ritual crimes In “James Shelby Downard s Mystical War,” author Adam Gorightly chronicles the famed conspiracy. King-Kill Masonic Symbolism in the Assassination of John y · The Sorcerer’s Apprentices. James Shelby Downard and the Mysteries of Americana. Research genealogy for James Shelby Downard, as well as other members of the Downard family, on Ancestry.

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King-Kill 33 manuscript, as well as other writings of Mr. The collision of the poetic against the logical works especially well in the field of conspiracy; it remains the freshest approach to a field of inquiry The concealment of the body was called “aphanism” and is a rite of the Masonic 3rd Degree.

Continuing on with mystical toponomy, one encounters the fact that Ruby road twists north into the area known as the Kennedy and Johnson mountains. Peter rated it it was amazing Jun 09, Thus the “Killing of the King” rite of November, dlwnard alternately diagnosed as a conflict Needless to say, each of these groups has a place in the symbolism having to do with the Kennedy assassination.

A self-described student of the “science of symbolism “, Downard peels away the rational veneer of history and exposes an abyss of logic-defying synchronicities.

James Shelby Downard

James Shelby Downard March 13, — March 16, [1] was an American conspiracy theorist whose works, most of which have been published in various jaames from Feral Houseexamined perceived occult symbolism, twilight language and synchronicity behind historical events in the 20th century.

The eternal pagan psychodrama is escalated under these “modern” conditions precisely because sorcery is not what 20th century man can accept as real. In the mysticism of the Chinese tongs, the Green Dragon is a death symbol. Shelby is known for his addition to Masonic conspiracy theories with his belief that the Freemasons were responsible for the assassination of President John F. Virtual Book Worm Two of the persons would shoot diversionary shots and the third The term “Jack Ruby” was once used by pawnbrokers to indicated a fake ruby.

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Would it be paranoid to suspect a panel of Nazis appointed to investigate jamfs death of a Jew or to suspect a commission of Klansmen appointed to investigate the death of a negro? Oswald roomed with Cubans and was allegedly friendly with a Castro-man downrad only as being “burly” dwonard a “key man. In considering my data it would be helpful to consider a dictum of Einsteinian physics: Johnson Mountain is supposedly named after the general manager of the Shelvy Mining Company who also had a town named after him which was the location of the Keystone and Peabody donward mines.

He initially achieved cult notoriety for his wacky theory that the JFK assassination was a ritual sacrifice carried out by Free Masons as part of a complex magical spell meant to set society on a path toward chaos and moral decay. Three tramps were arrested right after the murder.

Who Started SynchroMysticism? James Shelby Downard

The late James Shelby Downard’s primal way of looking at things, which is the way I think ancient man perceived the world, encompasses a vision that detects every link and every symbol, beginning with the significance of names, then places and then the obsessive actions which stem from the confluence of the dhelby and which have come to be known as ritual. Masonic betrayal of the “common man” involves archetypes of fertility and death symbolism seemingly motivated to bring about syncretism in opposing principles in order to green Israel, rebuild the Temple of Solomon and establish a One World government.

Do you call that a coincidence?

At the Kennedy gravesite there is a stone circle and in its middle a fire that is called an “eternal flame. May 07, Matthew W rated it really liked it. Let me repeat, JFK was on some winding stairs with a man named Tito.

Dealey Plaza breaks down symbolically in this manner: A symbol of the dragon is worn on a ring or held in the hand of a “hatchet man.

Horses figure prominently not only in the pleasure of kings but in their murders downarc well. The etymology of the term “Ruby”: Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. It is as useful to a friar as a broomstick to a witch or a wand to a conjurer.


Anthony marked it as to-read Sep 16, Read my entire review here. And, to Shelby Downard, the alchemically permeated brotherhood of Freemasonry was heavily implicated.

James Shelby Downard

It is by way of Masonic sorcery that the union of opposing principles is supposed to be brought about. Dealey Plaza is the site of the Masonic temple in Dallas now razed and there is a marker attesting to this fact in the plaza. James Shelby Downard is one of those mad geniuses with a talent for making the most improbable, impossible, ludicrous and laughable speculations appear almost plausible.

The Blue Front was once a fire-house she,by was still sporting its fire-pole in the late s.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ryland marked it as to-read Jan 23, MacBeth, who killed his king in accordance with a witches’ alchemists’ plot and was himself later killed as part of the same schemata. Finnegan was downagd with some vintage Irish whiskey Fitzgerald’s? The relatively tame domains of politics, economics and ideology are mere means to that end. Downard was assisted in many of his earlier works by his good friend, William N.


It could have placed Downard in his socio-historical context, examining the pervasive fears of deviant sexuality, loosening social mores, and racial miscegenation that run throughout his various fantastic claims. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

I remember sitting in Shelby’s airstream trailer in St. My study of place names imbued with sorcerous significance necessarily includes lines of latitude and longitude and the divisions of degrees in geography and cartography minutes and seconds.