Innocent Traitor is a historical novel by Alison Weir, published in It is the story of Lady Jane Grey, who was Queen of England for nine days in Alison Weir, our pre-eminent popular historian, has now fulfilled a life’s ambition to write historical fiction. She has chosen as her subject the bravest, most. I am now a condemned traitor I am to die when I have hardly begun to live. Historical expertise marries page-turning fiction in Alison Weir’s.

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And as I had limited time — I was researching Eleanor of Aquitaine when I first wrote this novel, back in – it was short. So it’s okay to have the rape, but not her head cut off? She must have realised that her father could only compound his treason by being taken in open rebellion against the rightful Queen, which was what in lnnocent happened to Northumberland.

I later read The Life of Elizabeth Ione of her non-fiction books.

Yet, it is all in the third person. Nurse Ellen is fantastic. It was at this stage too that I renamed the book Innocent Traitorfeeling that its original title was a little too obscure.

Books by Alison Weir

Innocen fought back with a large army, and a time of religious unrest and violence followed. Whole Story Audiobooks Availability: They all felt so stilted. In her first work of fiction. I really enjoyed her story, and found her to be quite a resourceful character. She wrote Innocent Traitor as an exercise while researching a non-fiction book on Eleanor of Aquitaine. However, there are more ways than one of telling stories.

What does come across in this account is Jane’s integrity: What accounts for that, do you think? I consider myself very privileged to be able to do both.

Innocent Traitor

I like that in a relatively short book one gets a quick summary of Tudor history; Henry VIII, his wives and progeny, are quickly summarized so you can understand how Lady Jane Grey came to be queen for nine days. They in their insatiable l This was such a tragic novel based on a very tragic young lady, the Lady Jane Grey. Courts were repositories of culture, and a monarch or consort needed to be able to converse knowledgeably with the scholars and artists seeking his or her patronage.


I finished the novel in about two months, working two hours a day, and researching Eleanor the rest of the time. As a novelist, however, I might think differently! Although the ending of the book is well known throughout history Weir draws out her characters, in particular the devious Frances Brandon Lady Jane Grey’s mother and makes you believe you know these people, share their fears, dreams and hopes Oh, and of course, Frances and Henry Grey beat their poor daughter Jane black and blue.

Around the Year i Read it Forward Read it first. Innocent Traitor did quite well, so Hutchinson want more novels, but my other publishers, Jonathan Cape, also want me to go on writing history books, so I am very busy.

She gropes her way towards us, the spectators. Why did you choose the story of Lady Jane Grey as your subject? Again, the sitter wears the coronet pendant.

In addition, there was absolutely no humor in this book! Above are authenticated portraits of Katherine Parr.

It’s ridiculous and the scenes were pretty graphic. I read it as a group read at the Tudor History Lovers group, right after Leandra de Lisle’s biography about the Grey sisters; therefore, it was easy to see that Weir mostly embraces innoceng traditional portrayal of Jane as a completely innocent victim and a martyr.

After the Reformation, you were either Catholic or Protestant: It tells of her relationship to the future Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth I along with her forced and unwanted marriage.

Jane always felt that her parents were disappointed that she was not a boy. Book of the Day on British Monarchy on Instagram, 12th February “Her brave move is a success… Compellingly told from various points of view, this story is bolstered by fabulously gruesome historical details. But Weir proves herself deft as ever describing Tudor food, manners, clothing, pastimes including hunting and jousting and marital politics.


No longer was I tied to sources and to the strict discipline of historical interpretation, imnocent I could give my imagination free reign. Yet it’s true that writing historical fiction does have its constraints. View all 9 comments.

Innocent Traitor by Alison Weir | : Books

I’ve now read some of her straight-up history texts, and prefer them immensely to this. One problem I encountered was that, in every respect, the historical Jane comes across at every stage of her life as much older than her years, and I feared that portraying her in this way—which was essential if the book was to make sense—would stretch my readers’ credulity to the limit.

But by her own admission also, she knew she was on shaky ground legally. This page was last edited on 24 Octoberat I have been told that one aspect of this book tdaitor stands out is the contemporary emphasis on etiquette and tradition, which added to the many constraints that were placed upon children and women.

Later on, I became zlison published historian, and for many years focused entirely on adhering to the strict disciplines of historical interpretation and reining in my formidable imagination! But during Edward’s final illness their choice for Jane changed, due to the machinations of John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland and Edward’s Regent, and she was betrothed to the Duke’s own son, Guildford Dudley.