As the UK agent for IBAG and Argotech, we can supply you the process monitoring system or high-speed spindle system to suit your business needs. Use of. Our IBAG spindle repair processes are the best in the business. We have state-of -the-art in-house resources and manufacturer trained technicians, so that your. We specialize in the repair of Ibag spindle motors, Ibag motors, and Ibag spindles . Our repairs will typically cost 1/2, or less than 1/2 the price of a new spindle.

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Our IBAG spindle repair processes are the best in the business. Too high spindle power consumption indicates critical conditions for the motor and immediate actions should be taken: Call us to arrange your IBAG spindle repair and to spondle your spindle back into production. Clean the bit shafts with acetone if necessary, but use only dry cotton tips on the collet. Micro Collet System optimizes milling and drilling accuracy.

Turn the spindle by hand about ibat turn every 4 weeks. If the motor is running above a critical limit, the execution will stop and a message is displayed. The product is already in the wishlist! Witte manufacturers a complete array of vacuum work holding chucks consisting of: This will destroy the spindle.

Lathe Spindles operate at speeds up to 60, rpm. For best performance and minimum wear, do not let the bit stick out more than necessary.

6mm collet for 1K ibag spindle

Utilizing synchronous, DC motor technology, these This is a low torque for that screw size. Also check by hand that the spindle rotates smooth without any resistance. Keep the bit shafts clean.


Spindle must be stored horizontally.

Spindle is adaptable to any existing 40 or 50 taper machhines. Process Analyzer suits high production of miniature parts. When replacing a spindle, torque the motor clamp to 5 Nm, 44 lbf-in using a torque wrench.

Ibag Spindle Repair | () | SPS Spindle Parts and Service LLC

IBAG North America has added a new rotary coupling system that allows the use of their popular Micro Line high speed spindles in turret style machines.

Equipped for use with 22, 25 and 33 mm IBAG Micro Line high speed spindles, including back working and right angle models, users can now achieve higher accuracies for precision milling and ultra small drilling applications now encountered with The spindle is sensitive for the pressurized air quality. Spindles suit Swiss turning applications. These new spindles feature rigid precision bearings jbag the spindle nose to dramatically enhance true running, assuring North Haven, CT map.

Maintain bit clamping Un-proper clamping may cause the bit to slip in the collet and damage to the table top. IBAG North America is headquartered in a modern plant in North Haven Connecticut, an established New England community where traditional values of education and craftsmanship have become the foundation for a growing complex of commerce, industry and high technology.

Keep distance d small For best performance and minimum wear, do not let the bit stick out more than necessary. Slot Vacuum Chuck Starter Ibat has integrated vacuum supply.

IBAG Spindle Repair

Empty vacuum cleaner in time Do not leave the machine running if the vacuum cleaner can go full. Rotary Couplings are suited for turret style CNC lathes. One-flute bits are by nature non-balanced, and may destroy the spindle if used wrong. Status Sign In to view. Un-proper clamping may cause the bit to slip in the collet spidle damage to the table top.


More importantly, we have full access to parts as well as complete manufacturing capabilities that allows us to repair your machine tool spindle properly the very first time.

This warranty starts from the day of installation on the machine, not the day of shipment like many of our spindld.

Looking for Ibag Spindle Repair?

Regularly check the air pressure reduction valve according to the maintenance section. Utilizing synchronous, DC motor technology, the spindles operate up torpm with Watts continuous power and high torque.

Maintain air supply pressure of 7 bar.

The aluminum alloy slot chuck has an overall size of x x 32 mm with a clamping area of x mm. Home Supplier Discovery Company Profile. March 1, – North Haven, CT Is this your business? Keep this in mind also for test purposes.

The service interval will depend on the type of operation, and is difficult to predict. July 13, – North Haven June 8, This spindle has W of power with spindle speeds to 60, RPM with grease packed lubrication. Built with a IP67 rating, spindlf new rotary coupling uses positive air over-pressure to prevent any coolant or chip contamination, and can rotate up to a maximum speed The furnished rubber adapter mat can be configured as xpindle by punching holes through the mat to accommodate Our IBAG spindle repair and spindle rebuild comes with a one-year warranty.

MultiCUT-HP spindle is water cooled, thus, the ambient temperature is not that critical for the spindle itself. Use correct RPM for the actual bit and material.