Huawei Technologies Proprietary HUAWEI U-SYS SoftX SoftSwitch System Operation Manual – Configuration Guide VR Huawei. Support for Multi-Country-Code and Multi-Area-Code .. HUAWEI. U-SYS SoftX SoftSwitch System. Technical Manual – System Description. HUAWEI. U-SYS SoftX SoftSwitch System. Operation Manual No part of this manual may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any.

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It provides the compression function to help use network bandwidth more effectively. Data compression can increase the rate of data transmission, implement efficient bandwidth usage, and adapt to low-bandwidth access such as dial-up access.

The above IP address range is added, as shown in Figure For specific parameter descriptions of the segment, see Table B-6 to Table B Appendix lists the glossary, acronyms and abbreviations used in the manual. In addition, the subnet is connected with the Internet; that is, maintenance terminals can access the RAS through the Internet. manuall

U-SYS SoftX3000 BAM User Manual

Subnodes are spread when you click the corresponding node. Moreover, RACs combine with maintenance terminals so that it is difficult to manage them and the system security is affected. Here the maintenance connection means the connection from the RAC to servers.

If some verification files are not generated, you should use a support tool to generate them manually. This manual only introduces the installation of the JDK sogtx3000. Do not delete the file ppt. If the login is successful, the RAC service window is displayed, as shown in Figure Note that only one lookandfeel option can be enabled at any time.


It is recommended that you should not modify the related setting in the registry. If the operating system file is infected, restart the server with a compact soctx3000 or enter the safe mode.

A login window is displayed, as shown in Figure It has many configuring modes to meet different requirements for application.

After the authentication is passed, you can receive and transmit maintenance data. Figure RAS login window Note: It is not necessary to generate verification files.

OAX AX SoftX Traffic Measurement ISSUE_图文_百度文库

If exceptions occur frequently, the disk space must be more larger so as to ensure the normal log backup. The window includes the following: There are submenus under some menus of the navigation menu. You can remotely maintain multiple servers under different RASs on one maintenance terminal, but you can just remotely maintain one server under any RAS at any time. The automatically-generated core file lists and alarm information of different editions are inconsistent completely.

More higher a language is located, more higher its priority is. That is to say, you can just operate remote maintenance on one of the maintenance terminals.

Huawei SoftX Manuals & Documentation – Huawei

The first measurement report will be outputted at Adding Connection Instances The following describes the specific steps in adding a connection instance. For the proper storage, use and disposal of this product, national laws and regulations must be observed.

Also, it provides some service functions. Generally, the operating system does not upgrade programs during the patch operation, so the patch operation does not affect the SysPatron. Thus, it is convenient for operation. The RAS accesses Internet directly.


Figure RAC huawdi window sofyx3000. The SysPatron records some related log information during softx30000 running. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Otherwise the operating system cannot work normally when you restart the computer. Default value If the parameter is set to empty, the system backs up the log file under the subdirectory LogDir of the installation directory.

The check includes the following two items. Chapter 2 Software Installing and Uninstalling The online anti-virus mode can only kill viruses in files, and its speed is slow. In this example, maintenance terminal 1 can be set to access the RAC. Besides, manua, SysPatron can check the integrity for designated programs or files to find viruses and prevent them from spreading timely.

The meanings of the three buttons are shown in Table Read source file fail. Open source file fail. Huawei Technologies Proprietary i All Rights Reserved No part of this manual may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior written consent of Huawei Technologies Co.

The RAS transmits the maintenance data to server 3, and then sends the response from server 3 to maintenance terminal 1 through the RAC. You can upgrade it by uninstalling the old edition and installing a new edition.