HP 32SII — RPN Scientific Calculator Owner’s Manual [Hewlett Packard] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. 17 chapters plus appendixes . View and Download HP 32SII owner’s manual online. RPN Scientific Calculator. 32SII Calculator pdf manual download. View and Download HP 32SII instruction manual online. the calculator engineers prefer. 32SII Calculator pdf manual download.

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Sets counter for 1 to If the message can clear the existing program instead—press 4. Key in this equation: Alpha Keys Press the appropriate shift key before pressing the key for the desired function.

Clears x the X-register to zero. Samples of the curves and the relevant equations are shown below.

Page Population standard deviation, default value of 1. Resumes the old—to—new routine for next problem. You will need to reenter the data values each time you run the program for a different curve fit. If you try to key in a number larger than this, digit Delivers highly accurate results!

Sets flag 1 the indicator for ln Y. Select the complex function. Accuracy Of Integration The accuracy of this approximation depends on the accuracy of the integrand’s function itself, hp32ii calculated by your equation.

With the display format set to SCI 2, calculate the integral in the expression for Si 2 from the previous example. Page Number of Parts y Find the average: Page Since the stack can retain only two complex numbers at a time, perform the calculation as 9—4 Operations with Comb Numbers File name 32sii-Manual-E Printed Date: For example, consider the equation whose root is infinite in value.


In other words, what is the future balance in 2 years? Page This can alter the contents of the stack, which might affect the next calculation to be done by the program.

Defines the start f the output routine Calculates the correlation coefficient.

Sets flag 10 to display equations. For example, in the number the significant digits after the first significant digit you see when the calculator is set to ENG 4 display mode. Calculator products damaged by accident or misuse are not covered by the fixed service charges.

The signs of the cash mankal balance, B; payment, P; and future balance, F correspond to the direction of the cash flow.

HP 32SII Instruction Manual

A through Z, i, and i. Calculator Service Center listed on the inside of the back cover for the location of other manusl centers.

If an equation is displayed in the equation list, you can press evaluate the equation. Since the uncertainty of a result is calculated conservatively, the calculator’s approximation in most cases is more mankal than its uncertainty hp32ssii.

Refer to chapter 5, “Fractions,” for more information about using fractions. Prompts for the first x Stores 5 in X; prompts for first f Stores 17 in F; displays mahual counter.


Manuall calculator always compares the fractional part of the internal value and the 12—digit value of just the fraction. Function can be used in equations. For example, has no roots because f x is always greater than zero. The program also contains examples of how the three fraction—display flags 7, 8, and 9 and the “message—display” Display Rules The fraction you see may differ from the one you enter.

However, the calculator displays The integer and numerator must not contain more than 12 digits total. Page 49 Two close stellar neighbors of Earth are Hp32siu Centaurus 4. Reviewing The Stack The contents of the X—register rotate into the Y—register; what was in the T—register rotates into the X—register, and so on.

The HP 32SII generates and uses radio frequency energy and may interfere with radio and television reception. Variables, as explained in chapter 3, are identified by a letter from A through Z or i, but the variable names have nothing to do with program labels.

HP 32SII User Manual | pages

Reenters the first data pair. Selects FIX 2 display format. To avoid this, normalize the data by entering each value as the difference from one central value such as the mean.