Abu Nu`aym al-Isfahani was a medieval Persian Muslim scholar. Born in Buwayhid era Isfahan, he travelled widely, visiting Nishapur, Basra, Kufa, Baghdad, Mecca and Andalusia. He is the presumed author of Hilyat al-awliya’, one of the most important Although he wrote exclusively in Arabic, he was of Persian origin. Tazkirat al-Awliyā also transliterated as Tadhkirat al-Awliya or Tazkerat-ol-Owliya , is a chapter book written by the Persian poet and mystic Attar about the life. Hilyatul Awliya Urdu Pdf Download by Nechdee, released 11 October Hilyatul Awliya Urdu Pdf Download >>> Kitnay.

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When Awlyia bin al-Hakam brought the subject before Sa’id, he replied: Consequently, ‘Ali was able to recognize the veils of separation before they were lifted.

Hilyatul Awliya Urdu Pdf Download | lanberofounbo

Someone said to him: The weak people never despaired of their justice, and the strong ones always carefully considered and respected their righteousness. Allah will be well pleased with them, and they with Him.

In Him I trust, and towards Him I look. By pondering such a sight, he is prompted to speed up his efforts, to accelerate his steps, and to escape from such potential horrific end. There are three types of people: Do not mix with an insolent person lest he influences you with his contumelies. He emulates the exalted traditions of the blessed companions from among the Meccan emigres muhajireen as well as the Medinite partisans ansar.

Messenger of Allah, who are such people? I am afraid that perhaps our awliyya in awkiya hereafter is instea given to us in this world. His intimate and beloved ones are bewildered by any form of separation, and they are constantly perturbed should they be demoted for any failure.

You did all of that because of a single small bite? In fact, Abu Bakr, God be pleased with him, sacrificed the insignificant to secure himself the ultimate in significance.

Abu Nu`aym

They are seized by awe, and their fear cannot be appeased. In seeking His awluya, I have compiled this book which contains the names and sayings of a special group of people who are known for their faith and piety, who have attained a unique spiritual integrity that was recognized by their contemporaries, and who are revered to this day by every true seeker on the path of God Almighty, Allah, the Lord and Cherisher of the universes, blessed be His Name.


He knows well that he is hilatul. I am arabif, so please soften me. He also created seven people whose hearts are like that of Abraham, upon whom be peace, and He created five people with a heart like that of Gabriel, upon whom be peace, three people with a heart like that of Mika’il, upon whom be peace, and only one person with a heart like that of Adliya, upon whom be peace. In his personal life, he eliminated any pattern that could possibly distract his focus.

From patience evolve four branches, 1 yearning; 2 compassion; ascetic detachment; and 4 contemplation. In fact, one’s deeds are of no worth whatsoever if his ignorance exceeds his forbearance. I drive them away from its pleasures just like a shepherd prevents his flock from eating contaminated or poisonous grass. They also fear the day when they arablc stand before their Lord, blessed is His name and holy are His attributes.

Even his glimpses and glances or whatever he gazes upon is recorded — even should he be looking – 30 – The Beauty of Xwliya Righteous at the droppings of a bird, or beautifying his eyelids with kohl.

Its eternally doomed dwellers never die, their sorrows and pain do not end, and their shackles and fetters do not brake. Hasten to your friend! His tears tie profusely as he did not hesitate to embrace and defend God s ca.

Open your doors to the one who thinks well of Me. He made their nature perfect for their respective needs, and He fashioned everything and rendered it its best complementary form.

The conclusion of life in this world and proceeding to the predestined life thereafter.

When Hamza was killed, we did not have a piece of cloth to wrabic im, Ind he is better than me. The price of what it desires is surely exuberant, and its pretension of humility is most deceiving. The truth is that asceticism is an attribute, the meaning of which is hidden to the majority of people aside from the unique achievers, and they are most rare. Al’ala commanded us to charge through as he took the lead in driving his own horse across the hjlyatul, and we hilyatup him.


God Almighty Aen commanded fire: He was serious in every endeavor in his pursuit to please Almighty Allah, the King of all kings. Sa’id bin Zaid had no inclinations for leadership, and instead he engaged in serving the community. Such true believers attain their exalted and elevated stations as a reward for their brief endurance, determination, and a few short hours of patience.

Hilyatul Auliya wa Tabaqat al Asfiya (Arabic)

When he woke up in the morning, the marks of stones showed on his side, and the people would point out, saying: He then fills their hearts with the vestige of the innermost secrets of His being, so that they become attracted to Him, and their hearts hilywtul solely to Him. He alleges to hold fast to the path of the righteous ones, although his superfluousness shows that he has no insight.

They breathe on earth, and yet, their spirits are hilhatul to the divine Throne. Abu Bakr turned to me and said, ‘I saw the world dunya come before alwiya and it knelt down, but it refrained from coming closer. He then says to them, ‘If a needy one comes to you asking for the medicine of My nearness, nurse his needs. Exalted is He beyond ascription of mechanical attributes.

Whosoever has such qualities is a true ascetic, a sufi, otherwise he is a fraud and a hypocrite. Pay them even in advance when you are comfortable, and make them work for you, those will be regarded as your supererogatory offerings. A true believer is also protected against excess comfort or indulgence in this world.