Explore releases and tracks from Henrikas Nagys at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Henrikas Nagys at the Discogs Marketplace. In this article, motifs, references and influences of Latvian descent in the poetry of Lithuanian Henrikas Nagys (–) who spent most of his creative life in. Translations from Henrikas Nag. LATERNA OBSCURA. You and I draw a child’s face on the first snow. Under the wild raspberry bushes sister is rocking her doll.

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Henrikas Nagys by AGNĖ ANDRECAITĖ on Prezi

His red lantern henrioas far off in the night. And the moon blooms yellow in the nagya. Indeed, each man is the other’s brother. In the land of blue snow hemrikas is no land. Strings of lifeless locomotives. We went in, into the town of our birth, having carried it long in our hearts.

God, save our souls. Efua, your young heart is like the thumping of your bare and drunken feet, the drums’ tom-tom and the rhythmical harvest song. He has participated in many exhibitions in Lithuania and other countries, and his work is represented in famous galleries. He blows out the lights.

Prasilenkimo valandahis second collection of short fiction awarded a readers’ prize was received very favorably both by the critics and by the public.

Kneeling, we kissed the stones of the streets and became drunk with abundance of words remembered from lullabies. The newborn moon blooms in the cherry orchard.

In the name of the God of all Hungarians, we swear, we swear never again to be slaves! Yellow and round, like a copper plate.

My land shall live forever! Tonight I can feel — he leaves his house: Imre, was benrikas you who stood bareheaded in a student’s woolen coat with child’s eyes on the steps of a poet’s monument that extraordinary October evening and shouted into the dead silence above the endless sea of heads, hoarse from your country’s deserts and the tepid Danube wind and the beating of your young blood: The people he so loved were set against the natural background of their native countryside.


Byron were especially influential in his work.

Only their problems appear different. Formally, Nagys rejects the traditional poetic schemes and instead uses free rhythm, numerous assonances, and free flow.

You have come alone. From among his many pieces of sculpture these these might be noted: Beyond the river soldiers sing Efua, in nsgys dream the orange sun has ripened, naked bride of the morning and stone of innocence. The poetry of Nagys is individualistic, idealistic and ideological.

His works integrate all the elements characteristic of Lithuanian letters — from Donelaitis to contemporary authors.

But you will overcome the beast and the henrkkas foliage, where the odd dreams of monkeys dangle and the wind’s cool knives hang after slicing a soft cloud. And I say to him:.

His rich vocabulary, his psychological insight and penetration, his dynamic style reach classic finish and perfection in this work. The principal ideas raised in Nagys’ poetry are: One also feels in this period how the sculptor’s creative imagination begins to mature and to find for its expression subtler and more sought — out thematic and formal qualities.

Rye whiskey is sweet.

Introducing the Poetry of Henrikas Nagys – Dr Julius Kaupas

Behind smoky basement windows an old woman smiles in her sleep. Nagys is one of the creators of the modern vocabulary of Lithuanian poetry. He has a subjective and personal empathy with the human condition, and an almost mystical communication with nature.


Imre, was it you who wrote in blood — what pathos! Jungle drums throb the rhythm of wild blood. On the harbor pier barefoot angels are dancing. The over — emphasized motions are frozen into a subtle and controlled surface vibration, permitting shadows to flow in rich half — tones over the sensitively modeled forms.

I am like a tree — solitary, proud — then you can say: In the land of blue snow there are no trees: The palm tree’s hands beat the lazy wind in the shadow. The nostalgic lyric to a lost land complements and alternates with the bitter sarcasm of disillusion. His works testify to the artist’s inventiveness, to his impulsive and introvert creative personality that is capable of breathing human truth into inert matter. As a young man he joined a small group of older Lithuanian sculptors, whose work in the years of independence consisted almost without exception in the creation of monumental, harsh and synthetic forms, and he entered this group as an innovator.

When you are weeping I weep with you.

Henrikas Nagys. Vytauto Mačernio literatūrinis palikimas

Henrikas Nagys was readily accepted by the youth and was influential among the younger generation of poets. In cafes and taverns barefoot angels are dancing. We listened in silence to their painful curses, our hearts throbbing, our tatters soaked with autumn rain.

Yet, he does not preach, he does not philosophize, he advocates it only through the lips and lives of his heroes. With a coarse sweaty hand he strokes my hair