Get the following for FREE: Gorkamorka Campaign Season 1 -Gorkamorka Season 2. And get a FREE 7 day trial of the MiniWarGaming Vault. Gorkamorka (). Ratings & Comments · GeekBuddy . How easy is it to play this if I only have the rule book? General piemaster · 5 years ago. Tiny submitted a new resource: Gorkamorka Easy Reference Rule Books – Only the rules. No fluff or filler. Easier to print. All 3 books (Da Roolz.

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Diggas are descended from those humans who were exploring the pyramids and the caverns below; taking shelter under the planet’s surface, they survived the holocaust above, but descended into primitivism. It’s amazing how much MWG is gorkamorma for the community. The ‘quick tips’ are super helpful. More variety of mob borkamorka Platuan4th I had a couple of ideas in mind If anyone whom reads this and is thinking of joining then DO SO!

I’m pretty sure that I gprkamorka never get through it all, and I see this as a immensly good thing. The Gretchin Revolutionary Committee is a classic “horde type” mob, using its cheap troops to swamp the battlefield in bodies; if it weren’t for the very sensible rules dictating that a mob must have enough vehicles to transport them all, and weapons for each mob member, a Rebel Grot mob could number 48 models strongright at the beginning of the campaign.

It’s the only way to survive, other than just being mindful, of course-but geez, that’s so friggin’ boring. Possibly, a interlaced turn sequence, instead of the IGO-UGO that is so typical to GW games, I was thinking it would be neat to alternate activation – this might even be better for multi player games, such as Da Rumble. They have posted some awesome behind the scenes videos that are humorous and a nice break from the batreps. Morkers are more tech-focused, so they’re smarter but not as killy: Another part has involved creating diagrams to make things easier to understand!


I know that GW has the rulebooks on their website for the version.

Their website is second to none in regards to battle reports, informational videos, and just outstanding entertainment value as a whole. Anyway, someone snapped a blurry photo of the sprues for you to salivate over: Divided on religious lines Gorkers vs.

Gorkamorka | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

I like to support MWG and this is the best way that I can do that. It should noted that the base of Gorkamorka model are different. Then a light in the distant north appeared and the weary casual gamers of the cosmos were drawn to it.

All warbands start with a pool of points, representing in-universe currency, and this is used to buy all of the warband’s fighters, and their equipment, and any upgrades – so, needless to say, it’s very important to consider your options. It turns out I already processed this document back in but forgot to list it on the site. Best regards from Denmark! Diggas – When the Orks crashed on Angelis there was a human ship, implied to be an Adeptus Mechanicus exploration and research vessel in orbit having already landed a mission on the planet.

Of the three “oddmobs” they are the simplest to use, but they suffer a number of penalties in comparison to their Orky counterparts. The answer is yes!! I was two sided about it at one point thinking are all those other videos worth it? So, for me, I often find myself staring at the shelves of unpainted grey plastic and metal, wondering how wonderful it would be to get those miniatures finished.

In fact, he’s so greedy, he actually has two special rules based on it; Scrap Fever means he gains the benefit of Hatred against any enemy gorkamora either carrying scrap or on a vehicle carrying scrap, whilst Thievin’ Git! I can paint very nice looking lenses because of the vault and their battle reports entertain me during the long hours of hobbying. However, he’s so Inspiring that he offers his Leadership and a chance to recover from pinning to any friendlies within 6″, and he’s a Die-hard who can always try to shake off being pinned, even without any buddies to support him.


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But it is those painboyz who allow their experimental urges to get too far who acquire the dubious and deadly moniker of “Bad Dok”. There rulds a lot of flavor in the game fluff, rles in the actual game, you can only be a Gorker mob or a Morker mob Long ago in the decade known as the ’90s, there was plans to make a Gorkamorka video game for the Dreamcast. Dregmek Blitzkart is one such mek; possibly cursed with the Speed Freek gene, Dregmek was always obsessed with the idea of getting orks into the air.

However the metal parts that made it fit in with modern stuff is long gone.

As I was running low on battlereports that I hadn’t seen, I decided to take the leap. For one of the bigger Gorkamorka fansites, check out this link here: Maybe GorkaMorka could never reach this level because no matter how creative somebody is with the Mob rules, they just wouldn’t have the gorkamorks that we saw in Mordheim.

Is there a Gorkamorka Living Rulebook? – Forum – DakkaDakka

More devout mekboyz are, of course, irritated by this lack of devotion – and the fact the upstarts are getting rich. Therefore they try to emulate the Ork lifestyle as much as possible.

Cheers guys, keep it up! Campaign play mostly revolves around fighting scenarios in which you duke it out with other warbands over valuable resources.