Buy Generation Identity by Markus Willinger, Philippe Vardon (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. The identitarian movement or identitarianism is a European and North American far-right and white nationalist movement that originated in France. The identitarians began as a youth movement, with their name derived from the French Nouvelle Droite (New Right) Génération Identitaire, Markus Willinger, who grew up in Schärding, Austria, and is now a student of. In Generation Identity, activist Markus Willinger presents his take on the ideology of the budding identitarian movement in 41 brief and direct chapters. Willinger.

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Generation Identity – Markus Willinger – Google Books

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On Critical Thinking Sep 29, Abdelhamid Khiar rated it liked it Shelves: These are youth terrified of their nations’ future, marks sold out and betrayed by their leaders, and are looking for some kind of agency to right what they see as wrong. Retrieved 11 May Members of the ethno-nationalist Identitarian movement met in London over the weekend with the aim of starting a new British branch.

The housing market was full of opportunities for wealth and ownership. This is the latest accepted revisionreviewed on 21 December Because even if Generation Identity ends up being wrong about a lot of what they’ve said, they are making statements that few others, even those on the right-wing, are making and adding a true diversity of ideas to the political landscape of Europe that a group like Antifa simply fails to do.

On the European Union The content is somewhat simplistic and emotional. This is an awful book. On National Socialism This time from the German offshoot, written by Markus Willinger, but on geenration pan-European level that makes the book equally relevant for identitarian groups in other parts of the world, albeit primarily written as an address and ‘declaration of war’ against the ’68’ers and a manifesto for the new identitarian generation.


“Generation Identity” by Markus Willinger – Heathen Harvest

A powerful manifesto that perfectly captures the frustrations, hopes and fears of European youth. Behind Generation Identity’s high seas publicity stunt”.

The Declaration of War. This book also contains an original Foreword by Philippe Vardon, one of the leaders of Bloc Identitaire and the French identitarian youth movement.

Les Identitairesfounded inis a French identitarian group. If I strolled out the door to the street right now and accused random person in his sixties or seventies for degeneracy of today’s youth I would defin This book is full of youthful angst towards things that are wrong genefation today’s society. Willinger is often very entertaining in his ability to criticize with humor, and he is inspiring with a joyous vision of future possibilities.

That is all it takes.

“Generation Identity” by Markus Willinger

Connor rated it liked it Jun 17, Her native The denial of the European peoples’ right to their own heritage, history and even their physical homelands has become part of the cultural fundament of the modern West. But it is written in kinda manifesto-ish form which doesn’t teach you new things that you don’t know by giving you realistic examples regarding that issue.

The marmus which tradition and Christianity set were valuable as guide posts which lead to a life of meaning whereas sexual liberation created unbridled men and generqtion without a concrete aim and slaves to their desires. On Compulsory Military Service.

Identitarian movement

This is a very good book and highlighting the causes of problems, and “rallying the troops” to come together, but the ideas on how to actually do so are scarce. On Foreign Affairs Understanding the counter-jihad movement”.

The total denial of cultural Marxism and its currents such as feminism and equality lead to the forming of another ideology, an ideology which supports the preserving of the different cultural, national and religious identities against globalization and its consequences. Quinn Quintilian Edouard Rix C. This is, more than anything else, a cry of pain and one that I hope European politicians will listen to. This most of all motivated me to read their manifesto and find out more of what they are about.

We will depart and let Africa be Africa. Mar 27, Adrian rated it did not like it. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Jack Donovan Anthony M. And the members of Generation Identity have no love lost for the 68er’s generation the Western European equivalent to the Baby Boomers as the title implies. The only way we can fight against them is by giving a lesson of how to live by our own example.



Some interesting points, but really perfectly set up for misuse of any far right political party in Europe. A Declaration of War Against the ’68ers”, 68ers being people whose political identities are seen as stemming from the social changes of the s, [3] what would be called baby boomer liberals in the US, or those sympathetic to them and translated into English from German by Aetius.

On the Conflict in the Middle East Published May 18th by Arktos first published February 7th This, however, is no history book. Nov 01, No rated it it was amazing Shelves: The increasing dangers of living in certain cities, the deconstruction of the nuclear family not to mention the extended onethe celebrated ongoing demise of Christianity and the tendency of many postwar European families to have only children, if any at all, have been described as socio-economic changes in addition to things like mass geneeation and the importation of incompatible cultures being hailed as wiplinger ; Generation Identity, however, gwneration off the fat, cuts to the chase and lays the issues of today at the feet of the 68er generation who, whether knowingly guilty or innocently oblivious, is, for better identtity for worse, in some part responsible for the great changes that have happened in Europe.

It is true that his points of view are closer to the right side of politics, but his ideology is very different from what far willinter was years ago.

Retrieved 8 July Boomers grew up in unprecedented material luxury after World War Two, and their greed and avarice knew no bounds once they became adults in the late sixties. The Declaration of War According to Christoph Gurk of Bayerischer Rundfunkone of the goals of identitarianism is to make racism modern and fashionable. If I strolled out the door to the street right now and accused random person in his sixties or seventies for degeneracy of today’s youth I would definitely get punched in a face and rightly so.

VRDistrict Court Paderborn, cf: