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They are thoroughly probed and tested for sensitivity and tightness. Reporting shit Please, either comment or message us explaining why. If you can’t figure out how to use protectionwe don’t need you here. No BDSM or happy consenting victims. All the artists comics have rroberts same themes of non consensual sex and slavery. These two artists publish there work at www. Anything may be removed without telling you shit. A relentless invasion begins and the valuable preys are hunted like beasts These also include the two comics in the previous post Slave Sisters and Black Van 1.

We don’t want coerced unresisted incest. It shows no real people or events.

Since the great website 8muses. If she’s drugged unconscious throughout the entire rape, don’t post it here. All request posts must include a link to an example of some aspect of what you are looking for. Want to add to the discussion?

Any resistance must be broken immediately with judicial use of floggers, electric prods and even worse punishment tools. Don’t put links in the text field. Nobody here cares about your NEW Discord every other fucking week.


The leader of the alien slavers takes one of them for his own. The mechanical tendrils of his bed wrap around her limbs, holding her down Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

The Gangbang of Mrs Bauer https: We eoberts fine just doing what we do. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Intensive and intimate testing must be performed to evaluate the market value of these new females. Fernando and Gary Roberts are my two favorites and the only two artists I actually like.

Gary Roberts -Mine at last

The long, hard fucking of their world has begun and it will end in nothing less than the complete sexual conquest of every female on the planet. Yet their resistance will only result in more punishment and plundering. Meanwhile, on the planet surface, the primitive society gathers its warriors and prepares to fight the demons that pour from the sky. At this rate I won’t have any dick left! We don’t baby-sit word victims.

Extreme Drawings

For a fleet of intergalactic slavers, there can be no more valuable a commodity that gorgeous women. Your post isn’t showing? Despite the rumors reddit doesn’t have ‘mean word’ rules. Banned domains See our Wiki for a list of all banned domains. The only fate that awaits these women is the long, humiliating ordeal of a life of sexual slavery in a distant world.


StruggleFucking subscribe unsubscribereaders users here now StruggleFucking: Out of the two I prefer Gary Roberts.


A powerful orgasm rips through her young body. Never brigade other subs when they act like catty jealous drama club kids. Please, either comment or message us explaining why. Message the moderators and we’ll approve it for you if it isn’t garbage. It was probably caught in the spam filter. Show us some rape. This is an entirely fictional ronerts based on cartoon characters for adult robrrts.

Let me know in the comments which ones you liked best. So keep an eye on this thread if you like this stuff. D Language policing, or asking mods to censor other people, is banned. O ne of a billion worlds in the garj, this tiny green planet would normally be of no value to the powerful alien empires that dominate the stars.

It’s basic reddiquette folks. If you’re a typical good citizen of this sub then just ignore this shit, you’ll be fine. Fernando has a lot more comics that I couldnt include because he has a few very long series. Since my of Gary Roberts comics got so many upvotes, I decided to upload more! Someone just posted a link to rboerts.

Link directly to the video!