My more than 35 years old Fritzel antenna elements look new after a . /71 the 4 cm diameter traps of the (FB FB FB were only. FRITZEL FB Specifications, electrical, 20m-Band, 15m-Band, 10m-Band. Elements, active in band number, 3, 3, 3. Boom Length active for band in use λ. 15 Jahre alten FB33, den ich nächste Woche zusammenbauen möchte. Bei den Maßabweichungen schreibt Fritzel Elementlänge ±10mm und bei Abständen .

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IK3LMA wrote about this subject: Momentary more power is possible, but if they are oxidized or contaminated by insects, arcing may occur.

The traps are made with soft aluminium wire. The shrink tube has a shrinkage ratio of about 3: The revited joints are not always perfect and together with the aforementioned crystallization create a frtizel contact or even a break. In den letzten 20 Jahren hat sich viel in der Antennenentwicklung getan.

Fritzel FB-33

Auswahl von Hardware, Software sowie Verfahren, entsprechend dem Prinzip des Datenschutzes durch Technikgestaltung und durch datenschutzfreundliche Voreinstellungen Art. Took me some 4 weeks to clean all aluminum and traps inside too. This antenna works like a killer for me.

Sofern wir Dritte mit der Verarbeitung von Daten auf Grundlage eines sog. Seite 1 von 2. The traps of this antenna are qua, construction, size and number of turns identical to that of the next vertical antenna GPA Top left shows what happens when the old model balun is overloaded with too much power or if a FD3 is used for 80 m and a FB4 used for m. Es sind 18 Seiten, aber alle brauchst Du nicht.


The damage appears low on the picture because I restored the plastic with fritzrl air and I glued the cracks a bit. The 10 m traps of both antennas were identical in terms of construction, etc.

Radiator — Reflektor mm. It’s about the traps with fritzrl diameter of 4 cm, not the newer type with a diameter of 5 cm. Drilling of the rivets and replaced by stainless steel bolts and nuts fritzfl the surest way to be spared from future malfunction of the traps. My Subscriptions Subscriptions Help. Das neue Forum ist zu erreichen unter: For an antenna which has been in operation for close to 30 years, the wear and tear is negligible; proof of good workmanship.

Other publishers on the internet don’t advise cleaning with metal sponges because residual fibers would cause a short circuit. Of the latter, the length depends on the year of production. For example the antenna resonates only on two bands, but does not work on the third one.

Abstand Reflektor-Strahler 2,90m und Strahler-Direktor 1,90m. My proposal fix not tried is to add two extra screws at degree each to the other so to distribute the stress along the circumference insulator”.

Fritzel FB33 Product Reviews

Remove oxidation, dirt and apply silicone grease as a protection to. Vy 73 de Eckart. Received this antenna from a ham who had had it up for over 20 years.


It was about fritzzel years old when I bought it and it replaced the Cushcraft Frjtzel. If only the tip of the plastic coil form is applied with some silicone grease you ensure that the construction remains “water resistant”. Gehe zu Seite 12. Never mind about the floppy balun. Even dirt will not stick easily on the outside. Can hear things like never before.

Damage due to a dirty vintage trap and power exceeding. They should assembled directed to the feed point of the antenna. If you have any questions, problems, or suggestions about Reviews, please email your Reviews Manager. Der Begriff reicht weit und umfasst praktisch jeden Umgang mit Daten. Because weather the grey colour of the caps become almost white. Assembling is much easier, because the holes are drilled and everything is fixed with screws.

Gib mir Tage Zeit und eMail The antenna tube for 20 m connected to 15 m trap is not removed. That means without cover and some with a not to dismantle antenna tube. I used it on quads overe there and it was wonderful.