Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler have co-authored They Know Not What . In the sixties, he was an MKULTRA consultant and received research moneys. Below please find the full texts of Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler’s books How The Illuminati Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control. Starseed Radio: Fritz Springmeier – Illuminati & MK- Ultra. Public. ยท Hosted by Miesha Johnston. Interested. clock. Saturday, September 23, at PM.

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I was given his home telephone number and we talked a number of times. Springmeier was sentenced and served an unspecified amount of time in a federal prison. It is fitting now to quote this from the Bible: Michael no longer respects Fritz, because he is old enough to see what is going on and how badly his mother is hurt by Fritz’s lack of attention. I have tried to show him that there is room for his ministry at home.

This is clear from the Old Testament prophets. It is the same tactic used by prosecutors and defense lawyers โ€” destroy the credibility of the witness, and then it does not matter what they say, no one is going springmeierr believe the witness.

This is tricky double talk, which is normal in intelligence services, by politicians and from people in the occult.

What is Lucifer or Satan for that matter? He has made sprinhmeier own driver’s licenses before and a trusted friend says he has created more false ID. He jokingly told ulrta the reason he married her was because of her bloodline, which comes from an Illuminati family.

On Friday, August 25,Fritz was served with divorce papers. Learning that there are different levels to understanding anything. But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolator, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such an one no not to eat.

I have done this as an unspoken rule. Your comments are welcome. I believe those who read my newsletter do not want me to compromise. Just what you need. Thus all I can tell you is that a group of people who for the last ten years have been around Fritz, seeing what went on behind the scenes, they could not maintain their integrity with God and at the same time support Fritz Springmeier.


Fritz Springmeier

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Regardless, this will be the third marriage for Fritz, as far as we know.

The therapist felt the youngster may have been traumatized through sexual abuse. Granted, some of his books have been an invaluable asset to many counselors and therapists whose clients are SRA and MC survivors, but has it proven to be a frotz for complete de-programming?

All of the great religions speak of contact with beings who come from elsewhere. One man in our ministry was jumped upon by demons and became so oppressed that he renounced his faith in Christ and started to live a life of sin. I listened to the teaching that Fritz had, and I was bothered with his material.

Only through the prayers of his wife, children and others in the church was he set free, but he was in torment for several years.

Fritz Springmeier – Wikipedia

It is bad enough to teach false doctrine, living a life of lies, but when a person is trying to work so-called counseling or de-programming and then mentally and spiritually destroy the victims coming for help, something must be said and done.

So that from his body were brought unto the sick handkerchiefs or aprons, and the diseases departed from them, and the evil spirits went out of them. A new episode about every 2 days averaging 63 mins duration. The AMA insisted that the public had no right to know, and that when a person needed medical assistance, he should not have the option to find out the skills of the physician who was going to operate spriingmeier him, nor if he was a medical doctor with a bad record.

So far, he is yltra angry with me, and acts out the appearance of being very unjustly treated. I received a vague green light that an economic disaster would happen. On February 12,he was found guilty of one count of armed bank robbery in violation of 18 U. We also discuss the evidence pointing at a controlled demolition of both WTC 1 and 2, building 7 and the pentagon.

He has described his goal as “exposing the New World Order agenda. He saw Fritz with a current Canadian passport and credit cards under the name of “Amos Eicher,” one of the sprinfmeier he used on the run.


Sadly, the fact that M lives with Linda has become common knowledge with our 4-year-old, Erick, and he acts out his anger with aggressive attitudes and hitting. Paul Smith and Bill Ray are remote viewers that were involved with the legendaty Project Star Gate military experiments on psychic phenonena.

That type of humility is rare in the worldly churches. I am now going to insert a written document at this point in this article, which was not written by me John S. Why are we being divided as a people and who is responsible for the divide? To summarize they are: At this time I spent some time with Fritz and he seemed to have overcome his anger against me for speaking out against Johnny Todd. Torell There is a cry in the Christian community that we are not to judge, just leave people alone and let the love of God take care of all things.

Later in this article I will include a write-up on Mr.

Fritz Springmeier Update – Part 2. When I brought out a complete expose on Carl Sanders in The Dove magazine, a number of people felt that it was not true and that it was written as a personal vendetta against Carl. Then during year I received more phone calls from a number of people and they all said the same thing. The money from your last order was supposed to go directly to the publishers.

To him it was part of a conspiracy to destroy Todd. I will say it again, I love Fritz and find no pleasure in discrediting him.

MKULTRA โ€“ Monarch Mind Control โ€“ Fritz Springmeier | Public Conspiracy

It is based on population out of control. Ulhra additional show will be He was on the run with his son by his first marriage, James, for almost four years. During this time he used false identification under 6 or 7 names.