HO FLEISCHMANN TURNTABLE – BASE | Toys & Hobbies, Model Railroads & Trains, HO Scale | eBay!. Find great deals for Fleischmann El. Turntable With 7 Gleisanschl├╝ssen H0. Shop with confidence on eBay!. I’m trying to find out about Fleischmann turntables, how many tracks can exit the turntable? Looking for a turntable for my fiddle yard to.

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I use SMP code 75 track but 6562 the turntable is to be in the fiddle yard I’m sure it would be possible to link up by shimming with cork underlay. Fleischmann’s Profi-Gleis “Professional track” range is the one with the moulded ballast.

The wires from the switch to the turntable have a choc-block connector inserted fleischmamn will be left joined up. In these two pics, I’m showing the c-track pukos from the 2 x curve segment, installed in a groove I opened in the bridge, then the pukos were soldered to the modified central screw lug, and glued with epoxy actually the channel flooded with epoxy for extra strength.

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I did not dare to go this way, afraid of loosing the centre point. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Excellent work,keep posted soon! I have had this for several years and it was used when I acquired it. Start Free Trial Sign In.

The Profi track rails are indeed slightly taller than the Hornby code rail, but not by enough to cause any problems running a Bachmann wagon over the joint, beyond a slight “clickety-click” sound.


You cannot vote in polls in this forum. Its a long time since I’ve had one I sold mine unusedbut yes the exit tracks are as shown in the photo. Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year with lots of good modelling work! Fleixchmann have approx You cannot create polls in this forum. Great work, well done, Luis!

Converting Fleischmann turntable

Let’s see how fleiscbmann all drops together! I’m going to profit from steamfriend’s experience so greatly detailed in this forum and follow the same basic ideas and design concepts, but will start with a diferent first step in the initial work, i. Tell us the secret! Does Kruger deliver a separate metal cover that you will put over the puko’s? I wonder which one would be most compatible with my code 75 track? Love the weed, but know that it did not stand a chance in the highdays of steam.

It actually cost me a Dremel for no apparent reason, for after 10 years of faithful work it simply stopped during the cutting [V] And what a lousy uninformative homepage!

There are no instructions but a simple wiring diagram is enclosed, also you can download the instructions from the internet. All of the plastic pit disc will be cutoff, and I’ll have only a outer fleiscgmann and a center pivot left, both glued and screwed to the plywood disc.

HO Fleischmann turntable 6652, how many tracks?

Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. The connection to the middle rail is done throught the centre screw.

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I’ll also plant a bunch 6562 weeds in it. NET This page was generated in 1.

With your approach this should work, so my advice would be to fill it entirely until flat on the underside. Their feischmann page does not tell a lot. What does the text say on the big plate over the house? You currently have javascript disabled. Converting Fleischmann turntable. This has been a handful. Your pit looks absolutely fabulous! I only ordered the house, but there are no texts with it.

By continuing to use the site, you are consenting to the use of cookies as explained in our Privacy Policy to improve your experience. Some spares are included and new ones are still obtainable if required. I had to restrict myself in my case, to leave enough flesh not to weaken the entire structure. By the way, it seems that E40 locomotives are the best to test turntables!