You can export your map using the commands found on the Export tab or by choosing a format in the Save As dialog Save as type list. If the export you want to . You can use sidebars on the front page to carry out basic exports of map images or raw data of a particular area. MindMeister offers a wide variety of export options, enabling you to turn maps into Word documents, save them as PDFs, as images and more. Please note that .

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You can change the color of multiple Cmap items at the same time.

You can control the accessibility and permissions of a folder that is located in either My Cmaps or Places if you created the folder or have administrative privileges over that folder. Left-click the Update button when x are finished editing the selected concept’s resource links. You can collapse a nested node to hide the information it contains.

Export to other formats

After you have made a color selection, return to the Cmap to view the background in the color you chose. Left-click the Add to List button when you have selected the resources you would like to add from the current directory. To change text color, right-click a concept or linking phrase, then left-click Format Style. Follow the instructions for saving your Cmap.

Highlight the Cmap that you wish to open. For example, a concept map may illustrate the symbiotic relationship that takes place within a system.

Right-click the selection, then left-click Line This page was last edited on 22 Augustat The bottom of the Views window contains two elements of functionality. To change the color of a single concept, select the concept by right-clicking it, then left-click Format Style. To create an annotation, right-click the Cmap where you want the annotation to appear, then left-click Annotate The shape has now become a new concept. The HTML fragment will embed the current map within an iframe, complete with javascript slippy map interface.


A linking phrase for the new proposition has now been created. By holding down Ctrl and left-clicking on items, more than one non-adjacent item may x selected.

Export map to another format

The Description and Keywords boxes allow you to add additional information about your resource. You will now see the Print Preview window.

A sub-menu appears where you can left-click the Font Now, the style’s name appears in the list under Named Ccmap. Change Colors From an open Cmap: Hold your cursor over the ” Export Cmap As ” option. Left-click OK to place the selected image into the background of the active Cmap.

Now when viewing the Cmap, selected linking lines will point from linking phrases to children concepts. You can use sidebars on the OpenStreetMap.

To create the new expogtar thread, it must be given a name in the box next to the heading Name: When you have finished selecting Cmap items, left-click the exporrtar, then right-click Object Instead of requesting a session, you can alternatively work on your own using a copy of the Cmap by left-clicking Edit a Copy of the Cmap. The Author, Organization, and Email text fields are where you can add additional identifying information.

Exporting Cmaps turns the file type of your Cmap into a different type e. Now when ccmap the Cmap, exortar Cmap items from the selected nested nodes have merged into one nested node. The “Adding Resource Links to [ This method allows people without CmapTools to view a Cmap and browse its resources, though the recipient of the email needs to know how to uncompress files to view the Cmap.


To save the annotation, left-click the minimize button. Begin by holding down the shift key, then left-click and drag the arrows from exportarr top of a concept. You may also want to change the color of other Cmap items to the selected color. The Set as Knowledge Model box can be checked to change a folder’s icon to the knowledge model icon, indicating that the folder most likely contains a top level cmap that links to other Cmaps also contained in the folder.

Cmap | Cmap Software

The “Editing Resource Links for [ Now when viewing the “Permissions List” window, any changes in permissions for the account you edited appear next to the User ID for that account. Left-click on the concept you would like to make a new proposition from.

If you left-clicked once on the concept’s arrows, let the arrow follow your mouse pointer away from the concept and left-click again.

To remove a resource from the list, left-click Remove. To copy the folder and its contents for placement on the CmapTools network, right-click the folder, then left-click either Cut or Copy. The Favorites button will show the contents of this list. You may add additional control points to change the shape of a linking line.

Attachments may be added, and Spelling may be checked. Choose your language from the drop down menu, then restart CmapTools. You can import internet shortcuts to “My Cmaps” or “Places” that you have permission to store files on.