Hello everyone, I just stumbled upon a new daygame product called the Daygame Blueprint, by someone by the name of “Yad”. A lot of the stuff. Yosha how to approach girls on the street, directly & naturally Yosha’s HOW TO APPROACH GIRLS ON THE STREET DIRECTLY. For those men out there looking for the girl of your dreams, listen up – this Daygame Blueprint review will be for you. Day Game Blueprint program, created by.

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Daygame Blueprint

Secrets of Sexualized Flirting. Though it is simple, it is NOT easy to implement. If you watched DG Blueprint before watching DG Domination, then you probably were under the impression that Yad is all natural–doesn’t use routines and such.

There are things you will learn in this product that you may never even think of doing. So now that you know a little bit about what Day Game Blueprint is, what do you exactly learn? Day Gameproductsreview. There are demonstrations on how to do this as well as in-field footage showing it in action.

Join Date May Gender: The rush is addictive, and makes it much easier to do daily. Is the content effective? Overall there is a lot of extra content included here and you’re getting great value for your money. The approach is demonstrated on a woman live during the seminar, as well as during in-field clips of Yad initiating conversations with women on the streets of London.


And his demonstrations of how he remains unreactive and handles the situation when his attempts at escalation don’t go smoothly are very educational. Not sure whether she was hired or previously gamed. It is the best daygame product out there. So with this in mind, women already have this mindset and they KNOW they’re going to be approached by multiple guys. You might initially get a warmer response from the women where I’m form, because of your accent, where you’re from, etc, while I might initially get a warmer response with women in North America.

Age 32 Posts 5. Online Access to videos Bonus Items: What Could Have Been Improved Because this is a filmed seminar, there are a number of times the guests are asking questions throughout. The time now is There are some great presentations by guest speakers that cover topics on a broad spectrum.

It doesn’t HAVE to be day light out to do it. Fear is something that is in all of us and is something that is very hard to get over. Reviewed by Michael K July 25, Does it have different content to other products?

We all want to have that special someone in our life. The camera work is responsive, getting nice and tight on the presenters when they speak, while giving a wide view for demonstrations.

Yad said in the last segment that the DVD’s would have subtitles, since it’s impossible to understand the words. In the daytime, you really don’t have this luxury.


The best part is that in Day Game it is best to throw a straight up compliment at her about something in daygamd whereas, at a bar or night club Criticisms My only real criticism is with this Andy Yosha guy. Daygame Blueprint is a complete training course on picking up girls on the street and bedding them.

Bleuprint problem is sometimes, your can’t hear what the audience is saying and one of the infield is hard to hear. Mildly annoying, but can’t really be helped.

Reviewed by Hansel A. At the same time, there are different parts to learn. Bueprint stone is left unturned. I like the direct approach because i feel more manly and i hate the indirect monkeys of other products. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Very detailed step by step guide with very friendly and professional support.

Daygame Blueprint Reviews

There’s a couple of times when a guest doesn’t really understand something and asks some random questions that sort of take things off on a tangent. It nearly gave me a heart attack every time each segment ended, because of the blaring volume of the music. Daygame Immersion and Geek Get Girl. Is it a good deal?