Apr 18, This page is for approved Creative Thaumtaturgy only, if it has not been approved by a story teller then please do not add it. The ArCana. + oF +. CreatIve Thaumatury. The Arcana of Creative Thaumaturgy A Summary of Arcana Capabilities By Rank and Practice by Libra For use with. As the title says, I am wondering what are some creative uses that people have used for the Thaumaturgy Cantrip.

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The mage cannot regain more willpower points than his natural total, nor can he take more willpower from a target than the target’s current willpower.

Four dots in matter? The process is rather like growing crystals on a string, the mage effectively taking the role of a hallow and providing ambient mana to seed the process and then pouring mana into the emerging pattern. While inside this structure, the mage is protected. This could result in a person’s defense being lowered because of stumbling over a cat in the alleyway, a penalty to their attack due to a fire alarm going off next to them, or even a penalty to an athletics check as it turns out someone didn’t mop up the gym floor.

These spells are not rotes. Views Read View source View history. They must always be approved by your storyteller before being put to use, and may be subject to change by said storyteller as he or she sees thaunaturgy for the chronicle. Each point of potency requires another spent mana crwative convert directly into tass. I don’t have my book on hand So a thaumaturgg high powered trick.


The mage can shape the environment in the digital space accessed by the Mind 4 spell Virtual Voyage to create an abode or protected space that can be accessed there. Let this be that thread.

None Each success siphons one willpower point from the subject. Notify administrators if there is objectionable content in this page.

Mage/Creative Thaumaturgy

The mage can provide false results for each piece of information hidden by the spell. Too many willpower dots to relinquish that many instances of this spell.

Post here is you want to share your cool ideas or to get, and give, critiques.

The mage creates an object in the digital world space accessed through the Mind 4 spell Virtual Voyage. Prolonged one scene Aspect: Space Space is the Gross ruling Arcanum of Pandemonium. Creating a spell that generates big noise, with no purpose.

It also teaches a magus flawless control over the souls of Awakened and Sleeper alike. In this case aimed towards the interaction of twilight bound spirits rather than vengeful shades.

Creative Thaumaturgy: Fallen World Edition – Onyx Path Forums

It could be covert in the casting, but a sleeper witnessing the event in which one object passes through the other, could undo the spell with potential dangerous results, like trapping the object inside the other, or making them fly apart and all the structural damage that entails. Create account or Sign in. Persuasion, Occult, Intimidation The text of the spell would remain relatively unchanged from the command spirit spell except for the changes of spirit to ghost. Remember that high-Gnosis mages and other supernatural creatures may have Trait maximums higher than 5.


November 3, I’ve added all the Mind spells from the pdf, and updated the thaumatudgy list to match. This spell creates a number of keys to be used in relation to a piece of insubstantial matter.

Basicaly, it counts as an awful lot of spells for the thaumaturty of spell tolerance. A more advanced version of the “Physical Reconfiguration” spell p. That can be your basis.

Rules/Creative Thaumaturgy – Relics of Empyreal Truth – A Mage The Awakening LARP

Anyone who wishes to attack him must first breach the abode, which only he can enter at will. However, a mage’s pattern may not:. Previous 1 2 3 4 11 51 97 Next. By spending 1 Mana and utilizing another Arcana, information can be provided from that Arcanum in addition to the target’s Ruling Arcana.

Spirit — Gauntlet, Shadow, spirits, ephemera, numina.