PDF | This paper explores the Foumban Talks, the framework Foumban Constitutional conference had divergent prior intentions of the. What has received scant attention until this writing is the real purpose for which the Foumban Conference was convened. The Foumban. These negotiations were concluded at the Foumban Conference in July The general view after the conference was that the delegation.

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They feel their judicial, educational and local government systems should be protected. Since then Anglophones have pushed for autonomy. Among many things, the Bamenda Conference agreed on a non-centralized federation to ensure there was a distinction fkumban the powers of the states and the powers of the federation.

History explains why Cameroon is at war with itself over language and culture

Southern Cameroonians wanted nothing more to do with Nigeria. Expert Database Find experts with knowledge in: Republish our articles for free, online or in print, under Creative Commons license.

The dignity and statehood of Anglophones was silently destroyed — not by the French-speaking Francophone community at large, but by the government coonference and dominated by Francophones.

There was to be two autonomous conferebce states each headed by a prime minister. So the new federation was born, but it was never a happy union. Later that year Nigeria gained its independence from Britain and became a Federal Republic. The regions were centrally governed but neither of the two presidents since unification have spoken nor understood English. Help us bring facts and expertise to the public.


Foumban Conference, the Birthplace of Reunification.

They wanted the government to stop posting Francophone teachers who spoke no English to teach subjects other than French in Foukban schools. The country became Cameroon and the English-speaking region was assimilated into the French-speaking area.

Each colonizer would later influence the colonies with their European languages and cultures, thus rendering them as Anglophones and Francophones.

Many of their members — some of whom were engaged in discussions with the government — were arrested and jailed on charges of terrorism and attempts to change the form of the state.

These agreements must be revisited and respected if the crisis is to end. Where can I find your book sir? It was an assertion of autonomy.

Yaounde was to be the national capital and at the same time the capital of East Cameroon. Unitarianism do not want Federation or Separation, but rather a decentralized unitary cohference whereas, now the government is highly centralized in power.

This page was last edited on flumban Decemberat They have ruled the country in an authoritarian way since the unification of the two clnference United Nations trusteeship territories — French Cameroun and British Southern Cameroons — in The Federal states of West Cameroon and east Cameroon were abolished and Cameroon was divided into 7 provinces.


You are commenting using your Twitter account. The British-controlled southern Cameroons conferenc then separated from Nigeria and was due to achieve full independence on October 1 The United Nations documents defined the basis of integration as: The president of the National Assembly became the constitutional successor of the president.

Official sources have put the number at 17 dead, but local individuals and groups have talked of 50 or more.

Anglophone problem

The Monkeypox virus was isolated most recently in from a dead infant mangabey species of monkey in Ivory Coast. The incumbent, Paul Biya, reads English with difficulty.

It is about being exposed to the Anglophone or Francophone ways including things like outlook, culture and how local governments are run. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Retrieved from ” https: Available editions United States.