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That someone might touch her while she was so vulnerable and unprotected. There was hurt and confusion in her, and her head was aching. His eyes made her feel as if she belonged to him, as if he had a right to her.

She was frightened, he could read it easily, a captive wild thing wanting to trust him, yet unable to, run to the ground, cornered, but still willing to fight with her last breath. Her voice, filling his mind, was soft, musical, sexy in it’s innocence.

He had tried it all, skills, physical and mental, every new technology. Raven rubbed her temples in an attempt to relieve the pain pounding in her head.


Do you play chess? They continually take pieces of your soul. His body tightened unexpectedly.

She couldn’t read him, couldn’t feel his emotions or hear his thoughts. She didn’t want any demands on her and the last thing she needed was to be in a crowded dining room surrounded by a lot of people.

El Principe Oscuro/ Dark Prince

osuro They were swamping her, beating at her already fragile state. Pushing herself up she moved slowly to the bathroom. She retreated, slamming a mind block so swiftly he was astonished at how adept she was, how strong for one so young, strong for a human. Certainly not some slip of an American, a small woman with more strength than good sense.

El Principe Oscuro : Christine Feehan :

The lace clung to her body, revealing the dark vee at the junction of her legs. Oil and water, don’t you think? It could not be. He couldn’t be wrong. In the protection of his home he paced with a long forgotten restless energy. Pero su sorpresa es inmensa al conocer que se trata de una humana. Rage shook him, raw and deadly. He was burning with hunger, consumed with it, jackhammers beating at his skull, flames licking along his skin and nerve endings.

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Calm in the eye of the storm. Raven sighed softly, knowing she was defeated. She was strong, but not nearly strong enough.

El Principe Oscuro by Feehan, Christine

The Carpathians are immortal warriors and Vladimir Dubrinsky is their leader. Jacob’s pain and terror. Sooner or later you will not be able to take their demands. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. A telepathic hunter of serial killers, Raven Whitney helps catch some of the most depraved criminals.

El Principe Oscuro

She brushed her hair, standing at the window, looking out with unseeing eyes. Mikhail’s body refused to obey. This is their home, as it is mine.