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The surfaces to be inspected must be free of rust, scales, weld spatter or other irregularities whichwould interfere with the transmission of ultrasonic waves or the movement of the probe.

For certain highly stressedareas the Designer may specify more severe criteria. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Drying is produced by natural evaporation. In the absenceof specific indications, a Standard longitudinal wave probe will be used.


In the biggest triathlon of 703- year, Van Berkel, who ranked second in the race last year, clocked three hours It goes without saying that the party ensuring the guarantee reservesthe right to view that the deviation occurred. Incaseof doubt supplementaryinvestigationsmust be carried out afterhaving modified the examination conditions improvement of the surfacecondition, modification of the conditions of magnetization, etc Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

The Squares hatched or cross-hatched in blue, show different cases ofinspection restriction which may occur: You are commenting using your Facebook account. The products generally available on the market and the Operation methods described hereafter can ccg used within a temperaturerangeofabout 10 to 40″ C of the surface to beinspected.

It may be verified for indication purposes using theASTM pearshaped tube. He said previous champions France’s Cyril Viennot and Switzerland’s Caroline Steffen will return to defend their titles. These forms will not only determine the Casting quality,but also influence the prices.

Acoustic absorption resulting from,the material must not be neglected andthe method of correction of ultrasonic energy absorption described in the DAC method is applicable.


These criteria only apply to 4ndications to be confirmed, according to the present specification. The degree of the indication is expressed in equivalent diameter 1. The indications non measurable in surfacewill be evalueted as per CCH June The second edition took into account the accumulated experiences during the first years of use.

The range is determined according to the – 6 dB method See 3 1. In this case each party will have to be aware of several Quality Sheets produced. The outline of the defect is defined by the Positions ofthe centre of theprobe corresponding to an amplitude of the echo equal to half of the maximum amplitude of the echo of the defect being inspected the -6 dB method.

After a developing time of 10 to 20 minutes, the indications will be compared with the acceptance criteria.

The adjustment of sensitivity is obtained from the reference echo which is broughtto the screen of the ultrasonic apparatusto a given reference height. This method is generally limited to the inspection of finished Castings. It must be assured that the surface is kept wet during this period. Regardless of the process or processesChosen by the User, their efficiency will have to be demonstrated. This mode of magnetization reveals discontinuities, the significant dimension of which is parallel to the direction of the current.

It is related to direct current and is convenientfor parts of simple configuration. Ifthe investigated sutface is notrelatively flat, determining the real surface of the defectivearea may require a Sketch. Precautions mustbe taken to limit local overheating at the Points of contact. If such measures have not been taken, the repartition of costs should be fixed by a mutual agreement betweenthe Founder, the Manufacturer and the Designer prior to the commencement of work.

For inspection of parts of more than mm, one or severalextra blocks of defined thickness relativeto the Order are added to the basic Set. R Height of the reference curve at theSame depth.

Correction of ultrasonic energy absorption. Please email for details. If a confirmative radiographicinspection is forseen, radiography will only be carried out in case the results obtained by ultrasonics do not conform with the specified criteria and thus do not permit an evaluation of the acceptability of the indication.


One can use either of the following two longitudinal wave probes: T0 demarcate the defect, the probe is shifted in all directions over the probed surface. Blank Squares show those cases where the inspections are feasible but considered not to be necessary for the Casting to be inspected. Please help us to share our service with your friends.

Cch 70 3 – Talk Vietnam

QL ccu by a number: The event’s organisers, the Sunrise Events Company, said in a press conference yesterday that more than 1, athletes including 25 professionals from 55 countries and territories will compete in the event. SL the probe is shifted along lines defined for each case. It applies to the pulse echo ultrasonictesting with ch waves normal longitudinal wave probe. Please ask for a confirmation of the amount required by email before sending any payment, by contacting jhecker uol.

CCH 70-3EN

Then the part will be immediately dried with a dry, clean and lint free rag. It may howeverbe applied at earlier Stages, especially for theinspection of excavations. The repartition of repaircosts may, for instance, be fixed on the cc of one of the criteria mentioned hereafter: Beyondthese limits, the efficiency of the products and of the process must be proved at the temperature at which the inspection is intended to be carried out.

Objective The objective of CCH-3 is to give an unequivocal definition of the technical and general supply conditions for cast steel components used in 700-3 machines. The indications to be investigated are: See PT Paragraph 4. In the absence of specification, the founder will usethe technique described in part 1.