Note: If you haven’t read Brooksmith yet, then please note that this post contains spoilers. *** The first Henry James tale I’ve ever read was. Brooksmith first appeared in Harper’s Weekly and Black and White in May – a sure sign that Henry James was attentive to the commercial. Henry James is one of those authors I’ve heard plenty about but never attempted (although Wings of the Dove is on my TBR). As I’ve done in.

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Brooksmith, had been dead a year, and three months later her nephew had disappeared. My view on making characters real is simply to look at real flaws.

He is primarily known for a series of major novels in which he portrayed the encounter of America with Europe. But for me, sir, it is, if I may say so, still graver even than brooksnith There were certain things Mr.

Online Books Page A collection of online texts, including novels, stories, travel writing, literary criticism, and letters. Besides, as a servant this would not have been an option. He had been capable, strange as it may appear, of acquiring for this purpose an insight into the French tongue, which was often used at Mr.

A whole year after my visit to him I became aware once, in dining out, that Brooksmith was one of the several servants who hovered behind our chairs. Swati rated it it was ok Jan 28, Harold Bloom edModern Critical Views: How was it that we all sat where we wanted and moved when we wanted and met whom we wanted and bg whom we wanted; joining, according to the accident of inclination, the general circle or falling in with a single talker on a convenient sofa?

They required no depth of attention — they were all referable to usual irredeemable inevitable types. In the garden of society, some are showy flowers, some noble towering trees, and some shade-giving vines.


I was helped by the very wonder of some of the conditions that came back to me — those that used to seem as natural as sunshine in a fine climate. This web edition published by eBooks Adelaide.

Offord had in my opinion rendered signal service to his country. Offord can only love him through the bars of class, as a master to a servant. When I bade him farewell he looked at me a moment with eyes that said everything: Finally his own fireside had become a summary of his habits. I was deeply touched by this story about brooksmith intellectually curious servant.

His relations with London society were heney superficial, but they were of course more various. Short stories by Henry James Story stubs. Six months later however I was favoured with a visit from an elderly dreary dingy person who introduced herself to me as Mr.

The story turns out not to be about Mr Offord at all, but about his butler, Brooksmith and the perils of allowing the servant class to rise above their station. The people who knew him and had known Mr. Last brooksmifh by Insolubilia; at But always in vain; so that as I met many other members of jamees casual class over and over again I at last adopted the theory that he always procured a list of expected guests beforehand and kept away from the banquets which he thus learned I jamess to grace.

Tuesday Reading Room – Brooksmith by Henry James

Brooksmith’s love is conditioned in the same way. He glided over OUR sufferings charmingly, and none of his jokes — it was a gallant abstention, some of them would have been so easy — were at our expense. There was an art in it all, and how was the art so hidden?

The delicacy of it was clear to me on the first occasion my eyes rested, as they were so often to rest again, on the domestic revealed, in the turbid light of the street, by the opening of the house-door.



The Ladder — a Henry James website A collection of eTexts of the tales, novels, plays, and prefaces — with links to available free eTexts at Project Gutenberg and elsewhere. Why were all the sofas so henr, the accidents so happy, the talkers so ready, the listeners so willing, the subjects presented to you in a rotation as quickly foreordained as the courses at dinner?

It was the world of cheerful commonplace and conscious gentility and prosperous density, a full-fed material insular world, a world of hideous florid plate and ponderous order and thin conversation.

This is a dated but effective portrait of an intellectually curious member of the serving class. Also includes his autobiographies, plays, and literary criticism — with illustrations. We are scattered now, the friends of the late Mr.

He realises it will be almost impossible to locate employment offering such a cultivated milieu. There was a largeish party on the occasion, but I confess I thought of Brooksmith rather more than of the seated company.

Brooksmith / Henry James

But he had never come home again and had never arrived at the large party, nor at any party that any one could make out. Mike rated it liked it Feb 20, Surhay Kilic rated it did not like it May 10, No trivia or quizzes yet. Books by Henry James.

However, I supposed he had taken up a precarious branch of his profession because it after all sent him brooksmiith downstairs.

Find that illusive quotable phrase.