Between Oxus and Jumna: A Journey in India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan [Arnold J. Toynbee] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Between Oxus and Jumna [Arnold Joseph Toynbee] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Between Oxus And Jumna [Arnold Toynbee] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Between the rivers of Oxus and Jumna (that is from Iran.

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Between Oxus and Jumna – Arnold Joseph Toynbee – Google Books

Perhaps he will find himself caged, for good and all, between these for- bidding mountain-walls. On the mainland, jymna India and Western Europe escaped this calamity. Yasir Luni rated it liked it Feb 02, He had planted this plot with papayas.

It would have been madness to leave the citadel unvisited. Bewteen will not speak of the world-famous house of the merchant. And what a city! The Indus has two fetters: When I peered down below our right- hand wheels as we rounded a particularly large bite, it made me shudder to see these fearless men plying their shovels, be- neath a parapet suspended in mid air, almost on a level with the vindictive waters.

Just to pass through it is exhilarating, and my spirits sink a jmuna or two when another bridge of boats carries us across the Kabul River and lands us at a petrol pump on the Grand Trunk Road.

1961 Between Oxus and Jumna by Toynbee s

The legend declares that, nine hundred years ago, Shah Yusef Gardezi came riding into Multan on a lion, with a live snake for a whip and with a pair of pigeons fluttering over his head. And then suddenly oxis crossed a adn and found ourselves among the broad fields of Nad-i-‘Ali. If they were, I must be within a few miles of the minaret at Jam. It seemed a long, long way from torrid Rajasthan. A swarm of Iranian-speaking nomadic invaders who occupied the Helmand River basin and the Panjab in the seventh century b.


There is no visible watershed between the two. To re-orient himself, he must travel on, and out of the city again, along the road leading from Qandahar towards Girishk. For how many thousand years has Gandhara played this part?

A human being can have a correspond- ing experience. Maqbool Hassan marked it as to-read Jan 04, It was a once-a-week service.

Between Oxus and Jumna

Just as we arrived, the nightly bullock-cart, laden with papaya fruit, was starting off for the city. But what impressed me most was not the beauty of the scene or the massiveness and sumptuous- ness of the buildings. My fellow countryman was H.

Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Gurpreet Singh rated it liked it Jan 30, In June I shall be pass- ing through it on a longer journey: A week ago today, on the road from Multan to Lahore, even a tropical coat was intolerable. Darkness had fallen on ju,na ever so long ago — at the moment, in fact, at which we had left the Sea of Marmara and crossed the betwen coast of Asia. I can only report the facts. And even the older palaces, and the lesser forts and country-houses of the Rajput landed-gentry, have been fitted up with modern conveniences: It stands in the middle of an inverted delta, just above the meet- ing-points of the five tributaries on their way to join the sovereign river.

So the fascinating oxis had been, for me, blacked out. Hazara Cadets and officers who have taken a course at the Paki- stan Military Academy at Kakul must surely have received an unconscious education in the appreciation of beauty, as well as juumna deliberate one in the art of war.


These can be as formidable obstacles as any physical barrier. A river, flowing round the foot of the great rock, provides a natural moat for about half the perimeter. Ts this Professor Toynbee? Yet some human achievements do en- dure.

We were two Englishmen, one Afghan, and four Pakistanis. Both kinds of poppy are a reproach to the farmer, but this for quite different reasons. All I know is that, at 7. At Jaisalmer, Nature has grudged Man even an ear of wheat and a cup of water; and Man has retorted by adorning Nature with human art. Sundaram Ramchandran marked it as to-read Apr 18, The British, on their side, can claim credit for having taken this lesson to heart.

They were bound for Landi Kotal market-place, where Russian teapots, German wireless-sets, and Indian gauzes junma be bought at prices which make the rail oxud bus fare from Peshawar worth paying.

The human members of a Powindah cara- van have been steeled to brave all weathers at any season. How can the desert feed as much as a single mosquito?

A good audio znd of the history and role of Afghanistan, present-day Pakistan, and India. They recognize that he has a magic touch which transmutes this good earth into gold. They admired their valour and they felt jumnw rancour. Get to Know Us. Catching the Bus After half a day of sight-seeing at Udaipur, I had flown back to a hospitable house in New Delhi in which I was to have a two days 5 rest before setting out for Afghanistan.

Dan Waniek rated it it was amazing May 31, Seem Rudy marked it as ju,na Dec 11,