Of course, if the client desires, we can also provide coordination activities in accordance with the Baustellen-Verordnung (SiGeKo) (the German construction site. Mit der SiGeApp können die Anforderungen der Baustellenverordnung ( BaustellV) in Abhängigkeit von Bauzeit und Größe einer Baustelle ermittelt werden. Lista de peritos acreditados.» Qualifications» Health and Safety Coordinator ( SiGeKo) as per RAB 30 under the Construction Sites Ordinance.

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Protect project value by ensuring bxustellenverordnung and preventing delays with our construction site supervision services. Hazards on construction sites can be down to lots of different causes. It specifies that a supervisor for security matters must be available on all construction sites, if employees from several companies work there.

Monitoring of the measures stipulated in the safety and health protection plan Organizing inspections, site supervision and safety meetings Briefing on-site managers from various companies Coordination of baustellfnverordnung and safety measures and of different employers Updating the safety and health plan in case baustelleenverordnung significant changes.

Organizational effort can thus be reduced to a minimum, and continuity of the contact persons creates trust and transparency. This is ensured, on the one hand, by our committed, highly responsible staff and, on the other hand, by regular internal audits in the context of our own internal quality management system.

It serves as a means of substantially improving savety and protection of health for workers on building sites. Site Supervision in Construction. As branches of our company are located all over Germany — in addition to Kaiserslautern, we are also represented in Chemnitz, Homburg and Viernheim — we can support customers everywhere on site and can adapt our services to the respective regional particularities.



By taking into account later tasks such as maintenance and repair, safety-relevant facilities can be planned during construction. Costs can be saved when calling for bids for safety installations used by different crafts. Our Services in the Execution Phase. Our safety and health coordinators Sicherheits- und Gesundheitsschutzkoordinatoren, or SiGeKo sigek short can keep track of everything – even on large construction sites with employees from several companies.

P+R Quality Promise

Weather conditions, working with crash hazards, time pressure, and lack of agreements all increase the risk of injury to your employees. Coordination can prevent baystellenverordnung crafts getting in each others ways, possibly delaying the construction process.

The building site ordinance has positive aspects for the client. After construction is completed, this geographical proximity also allows our customers to get in touch with us quickly and ensures short processing times in case questions or change requests arise subsequently.

Egypt available basutellenverordnung the following languages:. Benefits at a Glance. This directive was transferred bautellenverordnung German law as part of the ordinance on safety and protection of health on building sites on July 10th, Their careful and systematic approach helps keep construction operations free of costly disruptions.

This is due to constantly changing work environments, seasonal changes in weather and time pressure. This can also save costs. The many years that we have been working in the areas of civil engineering and environment have also contributed to our wealth of experience.

Our services have been requested over time by customers from a wide variety of areas: The construction projects we perform always comply with high-quality standards.


Peritos: GICON – Großmann Ingenieur Consult GmbH

Last Visited Service Pages. Our Services in the Planning Phase. Our experience with many different developers ensures that we are able to react flexibly to industry-specific requirements.

From issuing notice of the construction site, to drawing up a safety and health plan, right up to laying down sigelo regulations and coordinating work safety measures and various employers on the construction site. Participation in tenders, quote checks, and supply procurement Advance notice of construction works Drafting the necessary occupational safety tasks Safety and health planning Drafting site regulations Compilation of documents for subsequent work on the physical structure.

Get in contact with us! The building site ordinance is meant for the baustellenverodrnung and brings with the following duties: Die Building site ordinance The construction sector has the baistellenverordnung number of accidents of all European fields of work. The main source for accidents, however, is the large number of different companies working on site at the same time.

The aim of construction site regulations Baustellenverordnung, effective since baustellenverordjung to ensure that hazards are avoided and accidents prevented. Our staff structure is orientated in an interdisciplinary manner on purpose — this allows us to offer you our services across all baustellenverordnhng of construction. Health and Safety Coordination on Construction Sites. BaustellV – Building site ordinance. But even if you only want to realize a single, clearly defined project, you will benefit from the versatile competence of our project teams.

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