ok, you say ‘I knew baerwald protractors, Loefgren protractors, what is that Stevenson it’s somewhere on the internet), Stevenson shed a new light on cartridge. THE REGA BAERWALD ARC PROTRACTOR download this protractor oops, impossible for me to set up my cartridge using your protractor: two possibilities. I did my best with the included protractor to align the cart properly, but the Technics doesn’t quite use a Baerwald alignment. I wound up with.

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What you may need to do is mount the cartridge a bit loose and slightly move it forward or back and see how it aligns on both points.

Click here to view the two point protractor in action. It’s good for the designer and the community that means you! If you print this Thing and display it in public proudly give attribution by printing and displaying this tag.

Y ou’ll find an Excel file at the link located below this article. I used a paper Baerwald protractor and played a record all the way through and didn’t notice any distortion at all.

Aligning cartridge using Baerwald protractor

These are also spreadsheet input cells, but initially they are linked to the corresponding calculator cells, I3, O3, and Q3 so the calculator controls the entire spreadsheet. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Danny HollandJan 28, For advanced spreadsheet baerwalr, the Excel “Solver” function is baerdald very powerful tool that can be used advantageously with this spreadsheet. DarkAuditFeb 1, It takes time and patience to get it just right, but the results are worth it!


Free Turntable Cartridge Alignment Protractor And Speed Discs

Can you see the slight mis-alignment to the zenith adjustment? We’re sure Entropy4U would love a Tip, but unfortunately they have not setup their accounts to receive them yet. To adjust Zenith angle, the cartridge body is rotated within the headshell until a parallel alignment exists between the cantilever and the grid lines on the protractor.

If necessary, immobilize platter I suggest masking tape. Guy at the shop double-checked the wire connections, but said without the TT as well, he couldn’t check the alignment.

Home is where my turntable is and everyone should have a two point protractor.

The one referenced here: And if you have to average the the zenith between the two points, you don’t have the overhang set right. Snug up the mounting screws firmly then double check your alignment using the alignmsnt.

As a word of caution, only six cells on the spreadsheet should be used for entering numbers. Using the VPI jig I only have to deal with the one alignment grid much easier than baerald 2 point protractors.

Baerwald Alignment Protractor for Turntables

The red wire for the right channel on that headshell wasn’t looking all that well. That is our overhang adjustment using a two point protractor.

Where did you get that? The graph is a visual representation of the columns of numbers on the left, which are a function of three specific tonearm parameters, effective length, angular offset, and stylus overhang as displayed in the tan colored cells, A3, B3, and C3.


One reason for unlinking the calculator might be to evaluate a tonearm’s geometry by inputting effective length, angular offset, and stylus overhang directly into cells A3, B3, and C3, respectively. Let Them Know Message sent! After nearly an hour of trying to fit the screws and nuts the normal way, I gave up and flipped it around. Baerwald alignments result in longer overhang values. The second cause might be an incorrect pivot-to-spindle mounting distance.

So, the alignment is right if I am looking at it straight on and the cantilever is in a straight line with the line on the baerwale This will involve some averaging of alingment zenith angle between the two points, but the stylus should find exact center over both null points.

Baerwald Alignment Protractor for Turntables by Entropy4U – Thingiverse

Ben AdamsJan 29, Top view showing the two points of alignment. The trick is to have the cartridge mounted so that the needle aligns perfectly on BOTH dots without moving the protractor. For one example of a gage that measures ‘pivot to spindle’, link here.